As we approach winter, we will need to get creative with how we play with our little ones – the days are shorter, cooler and in some places wetter. But that doesn’t mean your little one will stop playing. Its very important we do not rely on TV during indoor playtime but rather have opportunities for fun indoor games.

Here are a few indoor games you can play:

  1. For gross motor skills, you can make an indoor obstacle course with chairs, tables and blankets to make tunnels
  2. For perceptual and cognitive skills, present your little one with puzzles and board games that are age appropriate.
  3. Language is best enhanced through music and doing rhymes with your little one.
  4. Just because you are indoors doesn’t mean sensory play is out of the question – play dough, ball ponds and shaving cream on the side of a bath all present wonderful tactile opportunities.

Have fun playing indoor games with your little one and put that iPad away.

Thank you for joining me and Moms and Tots for this week’s Monday minute.