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Demystifying the weaning world and helping you grow healthy tummies and happy babies (and moms) in no time!
Offering a weaning solution from expert authors based on your baby’s sensory personality, Weaning Sense demystifies weaning and, using current research, gives you an easy to use, real food solution.
Grounded firmly in science and using simple and inspiring ingredient combinations with minimal equipment and quick preparation times, the authors introduce a revolutionary way to wean babies. Includes over 50 delicious foolproof recipes.

  • uses current research
  • expert authors combining sensory knowledge with science
  • offers a weaning solution based on your baby’s sensory personality
  • takes the stress out of weaning
  • travel + lunchbox solutions
  • speedy meals
  • tips on how to feed picky eaters
  • quick-fix snacks
  • time-saving tips
  • easy to use and follow
  • tips on adding maximum nutrional punch to meals
  • quick, no-cook solutions
  • makes real food possible

About the authors

Meg Faure and Kath Megaw

Kath Megaw, paediatric dietician, and Meg Faure, occupational therapist, are experienced professionals with vast clinical backgrounds in infant feeding and managing challenging babies. With seven books between them, including the best-selling Sense series, the authors are also experienced communicators and respected media personalities in the parenting arena.
More importantly, they are two moms whose life’s work is helping parents on their journey to happy, healthy family mealtimes.



Dear Meg, your new book was timed perfectly for me, just as my boy turned 5 months. I was feeling so confused by conflicting information - and the very very strong opinions of friends and family on the subject on starting solids. Your book was devoured in 1 late night leaving me feeling assured that I am doing what is right for my boy. I've made some changes to his diet and really look forward to trying some of the recipes. I'm so thankful that I got a hold of your book and have already purchased the second as a gift and recommended it to all my new mom friends. THANK YOU for clearing things up and making this tough ...
Ps! LOVE the Weaning Sense book! Sooooo wish it came out earlier as Ava is now already a year! Besides breastfeeding my most daunting task has been weaning and it's so awesome to read that I've "done it right" not that there is a right and wrong but that I've "done well" rather! Will definitely be recommending it to my current mum friends and future mums etc!


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