Having a fussy eater is more common than you may think. While some toddlers eat almost anything they can get their little hands on, others are a lot pickier.

Some fussy eaters are simply trying to express their independence with a say in what, when, where and how they eat. Others just need some coaxing, distraction and gentle encouragement.

There is nothing like a food battle to cause stress and anxiety in parents but remember that fussy eating isn’t just common, it’s normal!

If your family dinner table has become a battleground – here are some tips to get you through the mealtimes:

  • Toddlers eat best in the morning, less at lunch and may eat barely anything at dinner – don’t fight at dinner time, just be sure to offer healthy options at all three meals. And relax about the quantities.
  • Give your toddler control and offer choices – a smorgasboard of nibbly foods often goes down better than a bowl full of mush.
  • Add energy rich foods to each meal – hiding healthy calories in the small amount your toddler eats. Examples of these types of foods are: full-cream powered milk in mince, potatoes and cereal; full-fat cheese or cream cheese; cooked egg yolk in white sauce and peanut butter as a healthy spread.
  • Make meals a happy time and eliminate stress and frustration.  Invest in cutlery and crockery that is inviting to your toddler and easy to use.

Tommee Tippee’s Super Cup is an open cup with no spout or straw that encourages toddlers to sip without spills.  The Super Cup grips instantly to smooth, flat, solid surfaces, stopping little hands from knocking it over but when it’s time for a drink, it lifts straight up. Help your toddler master grown up drinking skills without the stress and mess.