If you are battling with a fussy three month old, a nine month old who wont sleep or a toddler who is refusing to eat. You are probably feeling at the end of your tether. Meg is available for treatment and therapy interventions at her practice in Cape Town or via telecon.


Indepth OT intervention These sessions are between 45 and 90 minutes long and entail an in-depth assessment of function, including sleep, feeding, self-calming, sensory processing and other assessments. Meg will assess your little one, write a report and provide hands on therapy.
Sleep sessions In 45 minutes to an hour, after a detailed sleep assessment, Meg will provide an in-depth sleep intervention tailored to your baby. This intervention looks at every aspect of sleep, from nutrition to behavior.
Feeding management A feeding assessment and intervention is provided for fussy eaters and babies who simply are not thriving. In conjunction with a referral to a dietician for nutritional and weight gain management, Meg manages the sensory and behavioral aspects of feeding.
Parent counseling Managing the behaviours of a high needs baby and toddler takes it toll. Support and practical strategies are part of the work Meg does with parents.

Does my baby need to be assessed?

To determine if your baby needs to be assessed, complete the Fussy Baby Checklist in our Toolkit section.

Just once again thank you so much for your help and guidance the past few months. I can not believe that Hanro made so much improvement. I can now understand why you are being regarded as one of the best! Thanks for changing my life and helping my boy- I will forever be grateful.