I am often asked for names of therapists in the area of childcare that I recommend. I have decided to start a list that I will update intermittently on my blog of people who I have worked with or hear about from other therapists and patients.

This list is not comprehensive but I will keep adding to it as I go along. If you are a therapist who wants to be on this list, please email me  or if you have a wonderful experience with a therapist, please let me know too. The list will grow over time.

Developmental Delay and Sensory babies

Cape Town

Expertise is in a holistic assessment and passion is in empowering parents, teachers and caregivers of young children (0 – 6 yrs) with neuro-developmental disorders, including those on the Autism spectrum

Working with kids with delayed development, CP, syndromes, autism, prem babies and torticollis is my passion. My treatments include dynamic and postural reflex pattern integration and neuro developmental interventions.

  • Kirsty Williams (Physiotherapist) 084 600 8400

I have a passion for early intervention of babies and children with developmental or orthopaedic concerns. I work at the High Risk Clinic at Mowbray Maternity, in private practice in Fresnaye and offer home visits too

Occupational Therapist specializing in early intervention; developmental concerns, prematurity, fussy babies, sleeping difficulties, failure to thrive and specific diagnosed conditions.

“My focus is on early identification, educating and empowering caregivers and giving evidence-based intervention if necessary. I work mostly with families with children aged 0-5 years who have developmental delays or trouble learning age-appropriate skills. I am passionate about neuro-development and I am NDT trained. As a mom of two I love watching parents grow in their understanding of their child as well as in confidence regarding their role.”


As an Occupational Therapist with over 30 years experience and as a mother of three children, I am passionate about the importance of early stimulation and the part parents play. The relationship between the child and parent being the key to wellbeing and learning.


Works with babies and children in Knysna, specialising in Sensory Integration, Parenting assistance, and baby groups for Moms and their babies.

Child or Family Emotional Concerns


  • Karin Brand (Play Therapist)- 028-313-1669

Psychologist with Play Therapy experience as well as experience with Sensory Integration Disorders.

Cape Town

  • Judy Davies (psychologist) 021 683 1872 or 083 273 3475

My passion it to help parents enjoy their infants.  I have many years experience in helping parents with sleeping, feeding, crying and attachment difficulties

  • Carroll Coosner (Educational Psychologist ) 021-7940942

Passion for psycho-educational assessments and helping to fulfill a person’s potential and performance.  Love working with youngsters, teens and couples in a Narrative, Solution-Focused way so they get to actualise where they would prefer to be.

  • Anne Cawood (Social Worker) 083-4800822

Family Counsellor and author of 5 parenting books, I sincerely believe that the foundations for future effective parent – child relationships are laid from early infancy. Parents need input and support – in order to fulfil this vital role positively and effectively.


Cape Town

Pediatrician and specialist allergist who deals with all aspects of food allergies, eczema, asthma, hay fever and recurrent infections.

 Sleep specialists


Specialising in the treatment of feeding and sleeping disorders from birth onwards. Immunisation, growth and development monitoring. Certificate Allergy & Asthma. Co-author of Baby Sense, Sleep Sense and author of Toddler Sense.

 Lactation consultants and well baby clinics

Cape Town

Antenatal preparation for couples. Well baby clinic for postnatal and breastfeeding support, and vaccinations. Fussy babies, starting solids, sleep issues, routine.

The Bowwood Baby Clinic offers a warm caring environment with professional advice to guide parents through all aspects of their child’s development from newborn to pre-school age including breast feeding support and immunisations

Somerset West

Trained Counsellor, Lactation Consultant, author and mother. Special interest in no-cry sleep solutions, baby-wearing, attachment parenting and breastfeeding.