Style Watchers


Like all yummy mummies, I love to watch style bloggers and have a keen interest in décor trends, especially when it comes to babies. When I started Baby Sense – 11 years ago now, the priority was not only functional baby solutions but beautiful products. So over the years, I have become a baby style watcher.

Nowadays when I want to know what is stylish and on trend, I go no further than Kim Gray’s blog. Her baby blog – Kim Gray Petite is awesome.

A few blog posts that I think are great in the recent months are:

  • High in the sky – I really think Teepee or tent spaces are an awesome idea for sensory quiet time. Put one up in your baby’s room or the lounge so that when your toddler is approaching an overtired or over stimulated melt down – he can retreat to quiet space.

high in the sky

  • The Bubsie – I love new ideas and am always on the outlook for new things – Kim is always one of the first to review new ideas – have a look at this one.


helping hand

If you have any great style blogs that you follow – please let me know.