It is a known fact that women who are pregnant become a little foggy and forgetful. It has been called ‘preggy brain’. For most women the fog does not lift immediately after the baby is born, in fact for years to come most women feel they may have given up part of their minds with the placenta.

What is preggy brain and why does it happen?

Research has found that preggy brain is a fact and there have been some studies done to determine why and how it happens. These are a few of the hypothesized reasons:

  • New focal point – During pregnancy and after birth, your attention; focus and priorities simply change. Instead of needing to assimilate a broad amount of information, it is more important that your mind channels in and focusses on one vital priority – your baby. This means that while you may need to find your keys to go out in the car, its more vital that you recall where your baby is, so your mind focusses in a different direction.
  • Stress – For many women, becoming a mom is a stressful life event, even if it’s a happy one. You may feel stressed wondering if you have enough milk, working out why your baby is crying and remembering when a feed is due. With increased levels of adrenaline and anxiety, you may find yourself frozen with fear at times and thus forgetful.
  • Fatigue – There is no doubt that a fog of memory loss and even motor incoordination are common with extreme fatigue. And let’s be honest – you have never been this tired in your life.
  • Hormones– A shift in hormones have also been linked to preggy brain and it takes time after birth for these hormone levels to balance and settle.

What can I do?

Firstly, remember that preggy brain is not life shattering, try see it in the context of a new focus – your little one. You are simply prioritizing his/her survival and there is a cost to other aspects of your life. Here are a few tips that may help:

  • Keep checklists – each day write down the tasks that need to be done.
  • Eat Omega-rich fish – Fattier fish varieties such as Salmon and Tuna are very rich in the Omega-3 fatty acid DHA, which is not only great for your baby’s brain but also will help your focus and attention too.
  • Try to sleep – As hard as this sounds for a new mom, try to catch some extra sleep. An afternoon nap is the best way to do this. Even 30 minutes after lunch is helpful.
  • Exercise – Exercise is great on so many levels and research has shown that 2 weeks of exercise helps memory, spatial reasoning and promotes learning of new tasks. So try to get outside daily with your baby in a carrier and take a good walk.
  • Take Bio-StrathBio-Strath has been carefully formulated with bio-available nutrients that really do help with memory and focus. Taking two tablets three times a day will help to lift the fog of preggy brain.