Seven Soothing Secrets

If you are faced with a fractious little baby, you will find yourself grappling for reasons for the fussing and urgently seeking solutions to stop the crying. Colic and crying is very common in the early days and by 12 weeks most little ones have outgrown the stage and are more settled. But while it lasts, you may feel desperate to stop the crying!

It’s important to remember that your little one has emerged from the ideal womb world and by replicating aspects of this soothing space, you will be able to settle her more easily.

  • Less is more Your baby’s brain acts like a sponge absorbing all the new sensory information of the world outside the womb. In the early days your baby is very susceptible to overstimulation. Becoming over simulated results in fussing and an unsettled baby who won’t sleep. By keeping your baby’s world calm and mimicking the world of the womb your baby will be calmer. Develop ‘sensory eyes’ to read what may be causing your baby to be over stimulated, such as a loud and busy room or the smell of strong perfume. Remove your baby from the stimulus or change to a more calming environment.
  • Lulling movement – Carry and hold your little one as movement is lulling for your baby, mimicking womb environment. Use a comfortable sling, take a walk and sooth your little one with your movement.
  • Swaddle – Tightly wrapping your baby in a stretchy blanket has been proven to calm young babies significantly and help them sleep well. The resistance and pressure of the swaddle mimics the snug space in the womb.
  • White noise – Sounds such as white noise, e.g. the sounds of waves or radio static absorbs other sounds and is very calming for your baby.
  • Dummies – There are more sensory receptors to sooth your baby in her mouth than anywhere else on her body. Use this sensory secret to sooth your fractious baby. I believe all babies should be offered a dummy as this is the best tool to settle and sooth fractious babies of all ages.
  • Sleep – Regular day sleeps help your baby to reset her sensory load and calm down after the stimulation of our busy world. Watch her awake times and settle her before she becomes overtired.
  • Stick to one strategy for 5 minutes – The last thing an over stimulated baby needs is a lot of quick changes and each intervention you use is a stimulus for a short time, until your baby gets used to it. So try any of the above strategies for at least 5 minutes before trying the next.

Remember to mimic the world of the womb – sleep and swaddling are important and dummies truly do save the day!

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