Primary Maternal Preoccupation

I had a good chuckle a few weeks ago – seeing this photo on Huffington Post! It was in relation to Mark Z of Facebook announcing that he would be having a baby. The article stated that Facebook would be changing their T&C’s to allow Mark Z to change everyone’s profile pic to one of his baby, along with other equally amusing terms.

44. Primary Maternal PreoccupationImage1

The concept relates to a common ailment of parenting, in which a parent becomes so obsessed by their perfect baby that they post an endless stream of their baby’s pictures and precious memories.

This phenomenon has a name – Primary Maternal Preoccuation (thanks Winnicott) and is actually a critical part of attachment and bonding. It is important for the parent and vital for the baby.

For that reason, I was appalled at a news story I read earlier this year, in which an Australian woman was lambasted by her insensitive ‘friends’, for being obsessed with her baby.

44. Primary Maternal PreoccupationImage

Believing your baby is the most clever, beautiful and precious is vital and don’t let anyone tell you any different.