The festive season is upon us and for many of us that means a break away or at least time when we take leave and can be with our babies full time or have dad home too. There are five challenge points that often arise for parents of new babies and toddlers: how to keep a routine when things get spontaneous and fun; how to pack for outings and holiday; what outings to choose; how to travel with a toddler and how to sustain energy with the demands of the festive season. I am going to give you a couple of quick tips for each of these challenges. With a little preparation over the festive season, you can ensure it’s a happy time.

  • Baby’s routine
    • Plan outings for awake times and keep to your LO’s day sleep routine as much as possible – even if it means leaving the beach at 11:30, to ensure the day sleep happens in her cot
    • Adhere to your bedtime routine, which will be a sleep trigger for little brains
  • Packing for holiday
    • Because sleep is so important – pack your baby’s sleep paraphernalia – a familiar camp cot (if driving); her familiar fitted sheet; her doodoo blanky
    • Don’t forget to pack her baby carrier – a much better idea than a pram for navigating airports and for walks on the beach

 Outings for fun

    • Schedule an outdoor activity for each day – the sunshine and activity will help your baby to sleep better
    • Take loads of pics to remember this first festive season

 Travel with a toddler

    • Pack a small sized suitcase with a variety of toys that require focus and take time – 2 books, playdough, 2 imaginary play toys like a car, dolly etc; crayons
    • Don’t forget that little tummies need sustenance – pack a healthy snack too
  • Sustaining energy
    • Keep your diet as healthy as possible – try to avoid the temptation of sugary treats and alcohol – both spike your sugar levels and leave you feeling depleted a few hours later.
    • Put your whole family on a supplement, like Bio-Strath, to ensure energy levels and immunity is sustained over the busy holidays.

Above all have fun and enjoy the little moments. Even when holiday routines disrupt behaviour and sleep – try to keep perspective – you will only remember the good times in years to come.