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The Fourth Trimester

In the last trimester of pregnancy, your little one’s sensory systems begin to make connections in the brain and learning starts. However, unlike other mammals, human babies are born relatively immature, with limited ability to act on their world.  The human baby can not only not fend for himself and survive without a parent, but can not even sooth or settle himself, depending on his parents to settle him and sooth his cries. This is particularly so during the first three months of the newborn’s life (the fourth trimester). The [...]

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Preparing for Pregnancy

Deciding to have a baby is a big decision. Each moment of the parenting journey, you will be acutely aware that you have the enormous responsibility of another human life. The health, well-being and ultimately the success of that human life is in your hands and it starts with pregnancy. In fact, it starts before you even fall pregnant. There are things you do need to consider as you start along the path to parenthood: Diet Your diet whilst pregnant should be optimal so that you can provide all the [...]

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Sharpening the mind

It is a known fact that women who are pregnant become a little foggy and forgetful. It has been called ‘preggy brain’. For most women the fog does not lift immediately after the baby is born, in fact for years to come most women feel they may have given up part of their minds with the placenta. What is preggy brain and why does it happen? Research has found that preggy brain is a fact and there have been some studies done to determine why and how it happens. These [...]

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Baby Essentials – what can’t you do without?

Becoming a new parent is an expensive business. Babies need an inordinate amount of paraphernalia! From the cheap bottle sterilizing fluid to a pram (one of the most expensive investments you will make in the first year), life with a baby is pricey. So what is essential, when it comes to baby purchases? 3 basic essentials Good quality night nappy – even if you choose an inexpensive or eco friendly toweling nappy for during the day, a good quality nighttime nappy is essential. You will suffer many night wakings and [...]

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Prepared to be a parent

Birth is the biggest single transition of your life. It’s no wonder you may find yourself becoming preoccupied with preparing for this moment. Here are 5 tips to prepare for birth and parenthood: Prepare your body - Your magical body does almost all of the preparation needed for birth on its own. Your ligaments become lax, to allow for your baby’s head to fit through your pelvis. Your hormones prepare for labour and breastfeeding. You need to do very little more than what your body naturally does. Having said that, [...]

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