The first year of life is a critical time for bonding, attachment and the development of emotional security. During this time, your baby learns to trust you and gathers priceless life lessons that builds her trust and her expectations of social interaction with others. Emotional development is enhanced early on when a baby experiences closeness to mom and dad. When your baby is held and cuddled, it releases feel-good neurotransmitters that encourage engagement and reinforces a bonding and falling in love.

One of the reasons I love baby wearing is because of the influence it can have on bonding.

Firstly, when you hold your baby in a carrier a few interesting things happen – you touch her more, stroke her head and smell her baby scent. As you do this, your amazing brain releases Oxytocin and you fall more in love. And guess what? The same happens for her too – she also experiences the release of Oxytocin and feels more connected to you. Being up close makes everyone feel happier and more connected.

Secondly, babies who are held up at a level closer to other adults and children, make more eye contact, engage and observe non-verbal communication more and connect more readily socially. This simply cannot happen when your little one is in a car seat or pram.

These are two evidence-based reasons to carry your baby in a carrier more. Baby wearing is truly one of the best ways to connect with your baby, contribute to her emotional well-being and provide a secure base from which she can explore the world.

Baby wearing is the Power of Close.