Potty training is a stage of parenting that many moms dread, having no idea how to proceed. This need not be a time of anxiety and can be managed with a few simple tips:

  • You will know when your baby is ready to potty train, when she starts to show an interest in going to the toilet or taking her nappy off. When this happens, talk about her going to the potty and start to consider potty training.
  • The right time to potty train is usually the first warm period after your baby turns 18 months. Summer is a good time because little ones can run around outside without a nappy on for a bit, getting used to the concept that when they feel the need to wee, something will ‘come out’.
  • Once you have decided to start, I suggest you get some Pampers Pants. These bridge the gap between the security of having a nappy to ‘catch’ the urine and the concept of pulling pants down to go to the potty.
  • Give your baby lots of water to drink on potty training days so she will need to go to the potty often. As soon as she mentions she needs to wee or at least once an hour, pop her on the potty. Should she have a little mishap and not make it to the toilet, the very absorbent Micro pearls in the nappy pants will wick away the moisture quickly – especially useful if the mishap happens in the car when you can’t get her to a toilet quickly enough.
  • Whenever you are at home on potty training days – take the nappy off and give her time to wonder free in the garden learning the sensation of when she needs to wee and the effect of not getting to the potty.

Because your toddler is so active, the transition from nappy to pants is an important one and the Pampers Pants are thin and soft enough to feel just like pants, while offering an active baby the comfort to be busy while they potty train.

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