Packing your nappy bag

With your first baby comes the awareness that you will never ‘travel light’ again! The reason is that there is nothing worse than being caught unprepared when out and about with your baby. For this reason, a nappy bag is an essential tool for trips with your little one.

These are my essentials for packing in a nappy bag:

  1. Nappy Essentials

    • Pack one age appropriate nappy per two hours of an outing plus one spare. So if you were going out for 4 hours, you would take 3 nappies along for the trip. New-borns and breastfed babies may need two extra nappies, as their poos are less predictable.
    • Nappy wipes – get a small nappy wipe dispenser or put 10 nappy wipes into a ziplock for the outing.
    • Hand sanitizer is an essential for after you have changed a nappy and for before a breastfeed.
    • Recycle old plastic shopping bags to use to throw away your baby’s nappy.
    • Any good nappy bag will come with a changing pad. If you use a normal bag, get a plastic-covered pad or use a towelling nappy to lay your baby on for nappy change times.
  1. Age dependant food

    • If you are breastfeeding, you will want a burp cloth and a feeding shawl.
    • If you bottle-feeding don’t forget bottles, teats, formula stored in you’re a milk powder container and boiled water.
    • For toddlers, a non-spill cup with a spout or straw, filled with water.
    • For meals that are spent away from home, it is worth placing some frozen or cooked mashed vegetables in a container to warm whilst out.
  1. Happy baby paraphernalia

    1. Two orthodontically correct dummies. One on a dummy clip and the other in a clean dummy holder.
    2. Your baby’s precious ‘doodoo’ blanky
    3. A favourite toy
    4. One spare set of clothes, in case your baby wets or soils his outfit
    5. Sunscreen or a hat if it’s a hot day

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