Choose your little one’s toys to #NurtureTheirNature – your little one has the innate capacity and drive to master their world and learn though play. All that is needed is some time with you, a safe play space and some special toys or activities that nurture natural development:

  • Your baby is naturally driven to speak and connect through language – this uniquely human skill is wonderfully stimulated when babies are spoken to, read to and when they play with toys that encourage speech. My personal favourite is a toy phone, which encourages babbling
  • Babies are hardwired to walk and this milestone will develop naturally. Using a push walker toy, you can encourage your little one to take those first steps sooner or gain better balance once they are walking
  • Connecting brain cells and learning about the world when playing with cause-and-effect toys and games is very valuable. As your baby pushes a button, the toy will perform an action that stimulates the brain to have an expectation next time – this is learning through cause and effect
  • Learning about relationships through imaginary play is a vital part of nurturing your baby. Use a toy that provides a prop for a role – for example a tea cup encourages your little one to take on the role as ‘mommy’ or engage in the scenario of having a tea party with you.
  • Hungry to learn new concepts – toys like shape sorters or stacking toys nurture this natural drive to learn.

For more ideas on how to #NurtureTheirNature, watch this lovely Fisher Price video