The festive season is so exciting on many levels but one of the best parts is watching your little one’s delight as he/she unwraps bright wrapping paper to reveal the perfect gift.

The hard part is choosing what to give. Here is my list of the top toys for your little one this Christmas.

Your newborn is working hard on honing her visual skills and starting to use her hands to grasp things.

  • A brightly coloured toy that hangs over the changing mat is great for stimulating visual skills while keeping your LO distracted for change time. The Zany Zoo Wonky Wigglers Dog is not only super for over changing mats, but can also be easily attached to the handle above the window in the car for distraction whilst in the car seat
  • Voluntary grasp starts to develop at this time and little ones love to hold rattles. The Sophie Multi Textured Rattle is the perfect rattle for this age.

The 4-6 month old loves being on the floor and in your arms playing with bright toys.

  • Books hold great fascination from 5 months old and are great for visual skills and concentration as your little one becomes absorbed in the pictures or ‘story’. The Lamaze Classic Discovery Book is perfect for this age as your little one will tend to put books to her mouth and fabric books are a good choice.
  • Your baby will love brightly coloured and visually interesting toys. If they rotate, its even more fun. The Sassy wonder wheel is an awesome interactive toy.

Your 6-12 month old is ready to start moving and getting to things himself. Floor time games are a wonderful way to enhance motor skills.

  • From 8 months, movement is the name of the game. Your little crawler will especially love following balls around. As the Playgro Bendy ball can be easily gripped, your little baby will love to reach for it, hold it and throw it.
  • ABC stacking ring pyramid encourages precision reach and release. Help your baby to place the pings onto the stack.

Your Toddler is ready to master his world and learn new concepts.

  • Toddling, holding onto a toy that provides stability for your new walker is a fabulous way to encourage balance and walking skill. I love the Fisher Price Learn with me Zebra Walker. Not only great for walking practice but full of fun, interactive activities.
  • Teaching your little one concepts, like shape and colour can be fun, with shape sorters, like the Mellissa & Doug Shape sorting drum

Enjoy spoiling your little one this festive season and remember less is more – rather buy fewer toys of good quality with developmental benefits as they will last longer and encourage skill development. All of these (and more are available from Babies R Us  – check out their Christmas Catalogue and be inspired: