Play is your baby’s work. Not only does your baby occupy his time with play but through play he learns about his world and himself. Through play your little one develops his gross and fine motor skills as well as his perceptual abilities – all very important for learning later on.
Imaginative play allows your little one to develop creativity as well as play out the tricky situations he has to deal with in life, life a trip to the doctor or hearing you and dad have a heated discussion.

To encourage play:

  1. Guide your little one by showing him a toy and asking him what he thinks he can do with it.
  2. Offer him a collection of dress up clothes and ask who he wants to be.
  3. Sit with your baby for 10 uninterrupted minutes and copy his play – validating what he is doing.

In a Moms & Tots group, you will get the opportunity to do exactly this.

Thank you for joining me and Moms and Tots for this week’s Monday minute.