When you start to introduce first foods to your baby, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the process of producing small amounts of mushed food for each meal. The fact is that food you prepare at home is likely to be more nutritious than any jarred food and you know exactly what goes into it. So for all the mission to create those gourmet mushes, it really is the best you can do in terms of prepared baby food.

Having said that, we are all busy moms and pouring over a hot stove to produce a couple of tablespoons of mush can feel pretty pointless.

A good way to go about building up a store of mushed baby food, is to make a batch or two every weekend. Each weekend vary the flavours and freeze pots of baby food. Label the top of each pot with the date and flavour.

To steam your fruit and veggies use a pot on the stove and then a puree stick or simply pop it in the Brezza.

When you defrost this pot, you add the protein – eggy white sauce, cream cheese, mashed avo, nut butters or puréed meat.