A nappy bag is an essential tool for getting out and about.

If it is packed with all the essentials, it makes travel and outings more pleasurable with your baby. These are my essential for packing in a nappy bag:


  1. Pack a nappy per two hours of an outing plus one spare
  2. Nappy wipes – get a small dispenser or put 10 wipes into a ziplock for the outing
  3. Hand sanitizer is an essential for after you have changed a nappy and for before a breastfeed when you are out on the run
  4. Recycle old pick n pay bags to use to throw away you baby’s nappy
  5. Two dummies

Age Dependant Food

  1. If you are breastfeeding, you will want a burp cloth and a feeding shawl
  2. If you bottle feeding don’t forget bottles, teats, formula and boiled water
  3. For toddlers, a snack trap is essential – low sugar snacks