The 0-3 period of your baby’s life are the most important in terms of brain development – this is why it is so incredibly important to ensure that your nanny has the necessary skills and knowledge to care for and stimulate your baby.

Here are five reasons that our should train your nanny :

  • They look after our most treasured possession.
  • In a work situation we would never dream of hiring someone without considering to train them as well. So why not our nannies?
  • Many nannies have never had the opportunity to build puzzles or paint or make play dough. So its very daunting if you are expected to and don’t know where to begin.
  • 0-3 years is the most important time in brain development and so its worthwhile investing in this time through building the nanny-child relationship.
  • Nannies build friendships through training which are so important for her social emotional support (instead of being at home all day, everyday) and your child’s first friendships are formed too.

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