I am a mom to three very busy children! But I am also a busy person in general. Writing 5 books, starting a baby company and running parenting events on top of the demands of a busy family mean that at every point I appreciate shortcuts in parenting.

Here are 5 things I could not have done without:

  • Microwave sterilizer – The idea of boiling bottles and dummies or making up tubs of steriliser mixtures that need to be changed every few days got abandoned with my first born! It is necessary to sterilise your feeding paraphernalia and dummies for the first 6 months and the easiest way to do this is with a microwave steriliser.
  • Dummy Chain – an essential if your baby sucks a dummy, a dummy clip will keep your baby’s soother fastened to her clothes an eliminate unnecessary hunting for a lost dummy.
  • Anyway up cups  – There is no time for cleaning up after an independent toddler who upends her sippy cup all over the floor. I loved the fact that my little ones wanted to be independent and supported this emerging skill by giving them a no spill cup from early on.
  • I expressed for all my babies and could not have done without two accessories that made life easier – an electric breast pump and little containers to store the breast milk in.
  • I’m loving the new Baby Brezza – ideal for weaning babies and preparing first foods, this gadget allows you steam and blend your baby’s food in one container – no mess, no fuss!!

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