When you decide it’s time for your toddler to go to school, try to ensure the group is no more than 4-6 children per carer.

Here are some tips to handling your toddler’s stress while adjusting to the school environment:

  • Do not start playschool at the same time as another life upheaval such as the birth of a sibling.
  • Talk about playschool and about the fun activities she does there.
  • Arrive earlier than the other kids for a few days so that she is settled when they arrive as opposed to coming in to chaos.
  • Let her take her doodoo or comfort object to school with her – a security object makes a big difference.
  • When you arrive, tell her that you are going to read one story OR play one puzzle. Then sit down with her and engage in one–on–one play. When you are ready to leave, say goodbye lovingly and leave without looking back.