With summer holidays around the corner, now is a great time to start planning and preparing for outings with your baby – here is my recipe for a fun and happy outing… Enjoy these precious times of making memories with your baby.

  1. Dress your baby in 100% cotton if possible. A rule of thumb is that your baby will be comfortable in one layer more than you are wearing but on a really hot day, your baby can frolic in only a nappy, as long as his tender skin is out of the sun!
  2. Make sure your nappy bag is always packed with the essentials and “ready to go. During the warmer months sunscreen and a hat should be permanent fixtures!
  3. Plan your outing for a time when baby is happy and rested. Select places that are baby friendly – restaurants that have quiet corners to feed in peace and shops with baby parking bays are a bonus. Your baby will love excursions in nature – feeling the soft caress of wind, hearing the white noise of the big wide world and seeing the muted colours of the outdoors.

For more summer fun ideas and safety tips check out this article about swimming with your baby!