Living in sunny South Africa means that we get the pleasure of long warm summer days. There is no better opportunity to play outdoors than during the summer months. Playing outdoors has great benefits for gross motor skills as your little one gets to practice balance and coordination through large body movements.

When playing outdoors, always remember to either cover your baby up with long sleeved swim vest and a hat or to put a high factor sun cream on your little one.

Here are a few ideas for outdoor play:

  1. Get a shell or large container and fill it with sand. An outdoor sandpit is wonderful for texture play, filling containers and imaginary creative play. Put a car, a few cups and a few plastic animals in to encourage play.
  2. Jumping on a trampoline with net sides for safety, is a great way to develop the vestibular system and muscle tone.
  3. A scooter for older toddlers is great for movement sense as well as developing coordination between the two sides of the body.

Thank you for joining me and Moms and Tots for this week’s Monday minute.