During the final weeks of pregnancy your baby was used to rocking to sleep while you walk around during the day, and as a result would be more wakeful at night, while you slept. After birth, many babies keep this habit up -if your baby sleeps for hours in the day and is awake half the night, you need to help her readjust her time clock:


  • Wake your baby for the day by 8am and ensure the first waking in daylight hours is met with engaging interaction and some stimulation, so she knows it’s appropriate to be awake
  • Feed 3 – 4 hourly during the day.

Night time:

  • Do not wake your baby to feed at night, unless your doctor has instructed you to do so.
  • Do not talk to baby or burp her for longer than 5 minutes after a night feed. Interactions at night should be muted and subdued – do not even change her nappy if it is not soiled.