Becoming a new mom is like being in the MasterChef kitchen, with a box of ingredients and given 90 minutes to produce a gourmet dish in competition to a chef you idolize! It’s a pressure test without a recipe– no wonder we have those days when we are more than a little overwhelmed.

There are three ways we can gain a semblance of control over the pressures of motherhood:

  1. Managing time pressure – Like a cake in the oven, your little one will seem to need immediate attention and unless you are well prepared, you can find yourself scrambling to warm a bottle while your little cries for an instant feed or grabbing for a nappy only to find that you have none on hand and she is nappy-less half way through a nappy change. The only way to manage these pressurised moments is to be prepared and for this, gadgets can be a life-saver. A good bottle warmer is very useful – it means that you don’t run the risk of overheating your carefully expressed breastmilk in a microwave and destroying the nutrients. Tommee Tippee has an amazing new gadget (Perfect Prep Machine) that makes a fresh formula bottle at the right temperature in just 2 minutes. My advice: Make use of all the great baby gadgets that make life a little more manageable.


  1. Manage perfection and expectations – If you think you can achieve perfection with your baby, you will probably be a little disappointed – you see, your baby (like you) is perfectly imperfect. She won’t have read the book to know what your routine looks like. Expect to let some balls drop – don’t worry if you are not showered and dressed by 11am with a newborn. Leave the laundry for another day and grab that much needed sleep when she sleeps. My advice: When you stop sweating the small stuff and aim to be ‘good-enough’, your life will become a whole lot easier.
  1. Manage the balls – In our demanding lives, juggling the work, family and mother roles can feel like you are wearing one too many hats. When everything goes to plan, it feels like mastery. But when your baby is sick or traffic gets in the way of a meeting deadline or your toddler battles with the transition to play group, it can feel overwhelming. My advice: Make sure that in all this pressure, you make time to exercise – pop your baby in a carrier and pace the streets, beach or park. The demands won’t go away but you will be able to manage the stress better.

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