There is overwhelming science showing the value of a good bedtime routine for sleep. Babies and toddlers who have set routines fall asleep with greater ease and sleep better.

A good sleep routine should be one hour long:
  • An hour before the designated bedtime, take your child to their room, close the curtains – prep the room for sleep
  • Then its time for a bath – which is often a fun time but try to keep the shenanigans to a minimum
  • After bath do not leave your child’s bedroom. Dress and massage in the bedroom before story time and tea or milk bottle (if he or she is still little)
  • Then into bed prepped for a good night sleep.

This is the prefect routine and for years this is what I have recommended – it truly sets your child up for sleep.

When it comes to story time, you need to choose a good book. Last month, I got to try out the new Moonlite Storybook projector and I cannot tell you how much we love it!! The Moonlite story projector attaches to your cellphone and using the flash, projects the story onto the wall of the bedroom – just like magic. The app, which sits on your phone not only has the story written as any book would but also has little sound effects. So, as I read the story, I could play the sound effects. My nephews who were my first Moonlite Storytime subjects were completely enraptured.

The first night, I read Little Red Riding hood which the kids loved – bedtime stories suddenly got even more engaging. I can still embellish the story as I would with any book but have the gorgeous pictures – like a movie projected on to the wall. It truly is a magical bedtime now.

Moonlite is available in store at all leading toys stores in South Africa (Toy Zone, Toy Kingdom and Hamleys) and online at and