December holidays are my best time of year! With family visiting and gorgeous weather, there is lots of opportunity to have some fun outings. Here are my top 7 tips for safe and enriching holiday fun:

  1. Meaningful rituals – Holidays are a wonderful time to create family rituals that take on meaning and create memories. Decorating the Christmas tree, making a gingerbread house, going to see the annual ‘Lighting of the lights’ show or booking a theatre experience. Rituals make memories that your little one will learn to associate with this happy time of year.
  2. New experiences – Holidays offer opportunities for new experiences – whether it is a distant holiday destination so your little one can experience the beach for the first time or an outing to Butterfly world or a hike in a backpack. Make time during your leave and family visit to schedule some really unique outings.
  3. Travel safely – Wherever you go and however you travel, do so safely. Buckle your little one into her car seat. It’s a crazy time of year on the roads – make sure you are safe.
  4. The best fun is free – The outings little ones enjoy most are so often in nature. The good thing about this is that it’s usually free – the beach, a hike or an outing to a dam are all fabulous outings that cost nothing.
  5. Balanced routine – The art of balance is key to having a calm but fun holiday. Because of the visitors and fun outings, you will find you have to be more flexible with your little one’s routine. Just remember an overtired baby is a cranky little one so try to keep bedtime at a reasonable time and use a familiar bedtime routine to settle her more easily in unfamiliar places when you are out for dinner.
  6. Sun care – In South Africa, it’s a hot season ahead and whenever you are outdoors, you need to make sure your little one has sun cream and a hat on to avoid skin damage.
  7. Wonder at the world through your little ones eyes – Possibly the best part of your baby’s first Christmas is that you get to see the twinkling lights, bright wrapping paper and the Father Christmas in the mall through your little one’s eyes.

Enjoy this special time of year!

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