Travelling with babies and toddlers can be stressful, whether it is navigating public transport, such as the underground in London or simply a domestic flight in South Africa – you are bound to find a pram a mission to contend with. That is why I have always chosen to travel with my baby carrier. There are a few good reasons for this:

  • A baby carrier takes up WAY less space – The SnuggleRoo in particular is so small, it can easily fold up into any nappy bag and even your designer handbag

  • Moving through the queues in public transport means that your baby is safely contained against your body and gives you hands free to manage tickets and hand-luggage efficiently
  • When travelling to new sights and exotic locations and beaches, there is nothing better than the ease of popping your little one into her SnuggleRoo

  • The best part about having your baby in a carrier is that if she falls asleep whilst you are travelling you do not need to disturb her sleep by taking her out of a pram. She can safely sleep against you for the flight or where ever you are.

Obviously if you are in a car, safety is more important and then you will move her across to a car seat.