Any seasoned parent will tell you that a baby changes everything and the idea of a baby fitting in with your life becomes a distant pipedream for most new parents. This is never truer than when you travel – gone are the carefree days of throwing a small weekend bag in  the boot and driving into the blue yonder. Travelling with a baby takes planning and a lot of kit!

Where to go – choosing a holiday destination is the first and maybe most important decision. As a rule of thumb, you should choose somewhere that has childcare or a kind aunty to give you a little free time. This is the one thing that can make a break worthwhile.  There are wonderful resorts in South Africa that offer nanny services.

A good rule of thumb is to stay at least one night per hour you travel with your baby – so if it takes 1 hour to get away, you can go for one night but if the trip is a 5 hour flight or drive, try to stay for at least 5 nights. This makes the travel time worthwhile.

When to travel – try to get at least some of the journey time done whilst your baby sleeps – so either leave very early in the monring or fly or drive over the nap time, so your little one will sleep while the trip is underway.

What to pack – The essential nappy bag for traveling has the following basics:

  1. Nappies and wipes sufficient for the journey plus two spare
  2. Bottle of cool boiled water, even if you are breastfeeding, a little water may come in handy
  3. Baby’s comfort object (dummy, doodoo blanky and favourite toy)
  4. Baby sling or carrier to make travel through an airport easy
  5. Make sure your toddler has healthy snacks to keep him occupied on the journey – this limits boredom and also prevents blood sugar dips
  6. Five age appropriate toys which may include a book, a feely toy or play dough for toddlers, a chewy toy – especially for teething little ones, an imagination toy such as a car or doll for older babies. IPods can be really useful with toddlers too.