I have always had an interest in wholesome foods and have tried to feed my children healthy ingredients in the food I prepare. It can be confusing to know what is wholesome and what is marketing hype and ultimately what is best to feed your little one.

In Weaning Sense, we tried to separate the noise from the facts, because a lot of what we hear is not truly fact. During the launch period of Weaning Sense we have been asked many questions about GMO, organic, allergens etc. I wanted to share two tidbits of info that address these questions:

Prioritize where to spend your money

Organic, farm fresh and other similar labels do come with a price. The fact that a food is sustainably and healthily produced simply will add to the cost – for example a battery egg is going to be cheaper than a free-range egg because the cost to produce an egg when a chicken sits in a battery all its life and will be less than when giving the chicken a space to roam. That battery egg will also be likely to contain some undesirable elements such as antibiotics given to stop the chicken getting ill in its over-populated environment.

This goes for beef, milk and veggies too. Healthy food just will cost more. In this day and age when living is so expensive, a parent may need to make choices and prioritize what is worth spending the extra ‘rands’ on.

It fascinated me to hear Kath Megaw talk about this at our launch:

X – Don’t stress about organic fruit and veg too much. The term is so loosely used and unregulated in South Africa that spending extra money on organic fruit and veggies may not be the best way to prioritize spend.

X- GMO – Likewise, GMO foods may not be all-evil and to feed our world populations may be a fact of the future.

✓- Farm dairy, eggs and meat – The one place you should prioritize spending extra money if possible is on free range and organic meat, eggs and milk. Animal produce that is fed antibiotics and hormones to produce better yield quicker does affect our children and our bodies.

 Know where your ingredients come from

An overriding principle when choosing ingredients for your baby is to know where the food came from and how it was processed. At every point in the production of food there is a possibility of more additives. So the more processed a meal is, the less you will know about what’s actually in there.

We have the most amazing bread recipe in Weaning Sense – a recipe that my kids love and that is truly wholesome. When I make my own bread, I know exactly what’s in it. It will go off because I do not add anything to preserve it. But when it comes to the flour, Kath and I strongly recommend stone-ground flour. When a wheat is stone-ground, it has no bleach, preservatives and is literally pure wheat from the farm.

It gave me great joy this month to visit a flour mill in the Drakensburg Champagne Valley. I watched the process from wheat to bag and I can tell you there was nothing added at all. So when I feed my kids Easy-peasy bread made with this flour, I know that is completely farm wholesome.

It is a minefield to know your ingredients and that is why I was so keen to let you know about Champagne Valley Flour because like other truly stoneground flours, it is a fabulous ingredient to use when making Easy Peazy bread.