Babies and toddlers have an in-built thirst for knowledge. It is a time of life when your little one is gaining knowledge and making sense of  his world daily. This is the reason that you may find your your toddler driving you mad with the question “Why?”

Try to remember that it is essential that your little one has this thirst for knowledge. There are great ways you can us the power of play to increase knowledge. Here are a few games to play:

1.Scavenger hunt – for your older toddler, develop a game of hunting things in the garden. An example would be to set up a picnic blanket in the garden on the grass and give your little ones things to hunt –

  • A feather
  • Three stones
  • An autumn leaf

As your little one returns with each treasure, explain some interesting facts or ask questions like – where did the feather come from? This enhances your child’s knowledge base.  

2. Reading – reading is possibly the best way to enhance your baby’s knowledge. Read books daily but try not to stick to the words on the page. Research tells us that when books and stories are embellished for children, they learn quicker and absorb more language.

3. Toys with concepts such as numbers and colours – using switch and cause-effect toys is a lovely way to enhance knowledge of concepts, such as colour and shape. If you sit with your child while she uses a switch toy such as the Puppy’s remote, you can help her to grasp knowledge and concepts more quickly by embellishing the  information the toy gives. For instance – push the green button and when the puppy says GREEN, say “Trees are also green.”

Use every opportunity to help your baby learn. By using play opportunities, your child will have fun learning too.