As an Occupational therapist and mom to three, choosing toys has been more than a passing interest of mine. The toys I buy have to achieve very specific goals, appeal to a wide range of kids (my patients vary from 6-week-old babies to 3-year-old toddlers) and be very durable.

In a day in my practise, I frequently use toys to achieve a developmental outcome. For instance, a one year old who is not crawling will need to be enticed to move with rotation from her sitting position by an interesting toy. And I may use a cause and effect toy or mirror to encourage a 5-month-old who doesn’t like tummy time to play on his tummy. To encourage little minds to get involved, toys need to be brightly coloured and fun to look at. But more than being fun, toys ideally should encourage creativity, skills (such as fine motor skills) and cognitive abilities like cause and effect.

I think that the best toys are ones that can be used at different ages and stages and tempt a child to play at any level. My favourite toy hands down is the Fisher Price telephone, which my six month old loved to push to see the eyes tilt, my one year old loved to walk along trailing and my three year old could have an imaginary conversation with dad, when he was away.

My children’s favourite toys have become my most used tools in my practise and with so many children using these toys over the years, toys need to be built to last. For this reason, choosing a quality brand is a priority for me.

Fisher-Price is a master at developing toys that really meet my needs as a mom and therapist.

Play is the way children learn best…From seeing a baby’s delight when grasping a toy for the first time, to helping a toddler reach new milestones, to watching the wonder of a preschooler’s imagination, it’s easy to see how significant play is for a child’s development.

Visit the Fisher-Price website & explore their unique range of toys that have been created with your child’s development in mind!