Calming your baby

A fussy baby who cries a lot each day, has to be one of the toughest challenges for new parents.  It leaves you feeling helpless when you can’t sooth your baby. I recommend that moms do the 7 S’s of Soothing:

Sensory – Develop ‘sensory eyes’ to read what may be causing your baby to be over stimulated, such as a loud and busy room or the smell of strong perfume. Remove your baby from the stimulus or change to a more calming environment.

Baby Sense is your key to: A calm, contented, colic-free baby; Establishing good sleep habits and enjoying peaceful nights; Your baby’s optimal development and positive early experiences.

Sleep – Regular sleeps help to reset our ‘sensory load’ and prevent overstimulation – watch your baby’s awake times to ensure that she settles to sleep before becoming overtired. A newborn’s awake time is only 45-60 minutes – that’s a very short time before the next sleep is due. If your baby sleeps well in the day, she is way less likely to be fussy in the evening.

Swaddle – Tightly wrapping your baby in a stretchy blanket has been proven to calm young babies significantly and help them sleep well.

Assorted colours/prints • Adjustable velcro tabs • 100% Cotton • Swaddling baby promotes better sleep and is recommended by paediatricians worldwide • 0-3 Months

Suck – Sucking a dummy or thumb will help to settle your little one as there are so many touch receptors that provide soothing input for fractious little ones.

• The NUK Shape – right for the jaw- developed by Orthodontsist to be orthdontically correct
• Anatomically-shaped mouth shield made of high-quality synthetic material

Sounds – Sounds such as white noise, e.g. the sounds of waves or radio static absorbs other sounds and is very calming for your baby. Lullabies and nature music help with calming and sleep.

Snuggle – Little babies seek to be held and snuggled – I think the best way to do this is with a wrap-style baby carrier. If your little one is fractious – pop her into the carrier and pace the floor until she settles.

The SnuggleRoo Baby Carrier is soft and comfortable • Easy to use • slips on like a shirt • No complicated wrapping

Stick to one strategy – The last thing an over stimulated baby needs is a lot of quick changes and each intervention you use is a stimulus for a short time, until your baby gets used to it. Try any of the above strategies for at least 5 minutes before trying the next.


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