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Sleep is within your reach, with this simple but effective approach to helping your baby and toddler sleep through the night.

Meg Faure (Occupational Therapist) and Ann Richardson team up once again to bring sanity through sleep to the lives of parents and their little ones. Sleep Sense is a practical, gentle approach to helping babies from newborn to preschoolers to sleep well at night and to develop healthy sleep habits that will benefit their mood, learning and engagement.

Understanding sleep

Did you know that 45 minutes is the length of a baby’s sleep cycle? This means that every 45 minutes, your baby must return to a deep sleep state from the light sleep state. This simple fact is a critical piece of the sleep puzzle. Before embarking on any form of sleep program it is essential to understand the way that babies and toddlers sleep.

Chapter 1

Age band chapters

Nutrition and sleep

If you are wondering if your baby is waking due to hunger, chapter 4 and the nutrition section in each of the age band chapters of Sleep Sense will help you ensure all your little one’s nutritional needs are met.

Chapter 4

Age band chapters

Healthy sleep cues

Between 4 and 6 months of age, your baby has the capacity to learn to self sooth. This usually involves sleep cues that can be used independently in the middle of the night, such as a doodoo blanky or a thumb or dummy. As a parent it is your role to facilitate this stage of self-soothing.

Chapter 7

Emotions and sleep

Ever wondered why sleep creates anxiety for you? It’s the first separation you have from your baby and the separation anxiety works both ways! Sleep Sense helps you analyze whether there is an emotional base to your baby’s sleep difficulties.

Chapter 7

What about sleep training?

Sleep training is certainly one of the most contentious issues of parenting. To sleep train or not to sleep train? And is there really a gentle way to approach helping your baby sleep through the night and breaking poor sleep habits. The answer is yes and Sleep Sense provides the solution.

Chapter 9


Nicole Cimring
When my first daughter was born in 2002, I was completely clueless, and was given the baby sense book for a gift. The book made so much sense to me, and I practically raised my daughter with the help of this book, which helped me to understand her , and her world so much better. As she reached each new stage, I couldn’t wait to read up, and find out what to do next. Five years later, having my second child, I ran for my baby sense book, and then found out about the sleep-sense book, which has been really amazing. I treasure these 2 books, and refer to them all the time.
Justine Lee
I have read your baby Sense Book, and have just started Sleep Sense. These books have managed to instill a feeling of calm and reassurance in me and invaluable emotion in this exciting yet daunting time.