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Feeding Sense is the ultimate guide to nutrition in pregnancy and feeding your baby right through into the toddler years.

Providing optimal nutrition for your baby is not only one of the most vital aspects of early parenting but is also one of the most challenging. From pregnancy to toddlers, experts Kath Megaw (dietician) Meg Faure (OT) and Simon Strachan (paediatrician) will guide you with research based feeding sense.

Lifetime foundations for healthy eating

Feeding is about so much more than food. By understanding the sensory, social, emotional and of course nutrient aspects of food, you can make informed decisions on how, when and what to feed your baby.

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Nutrition in pregnancy

Providing an ideal base for your baby’s brain and body development is your role in pregnancy. And what you eat and drink provides the vital ingredients for optimal brain development – Kath Megaw’s guidance in this area is invaluable.

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Managing feeding challenges

Few issues are more challenging in a baby’s first year than concern over fussy eating, weight gain and feeding dysfunction. This chapter is essential reading for moms and therapists who are trying to navigate the tough terrain of a baby or toddler who won’t eat, can’t eat or isn’t gaining weight.

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Why is it that something as natural as breastfeeding creates so much anxiety and such a challenge for so many moms? Abandoning breastfeeding is a source of much unnecessary guilt for many. Feeding Sense will help you establish breastfeeding and provide solutions when things are going wrong.

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Introducing solids

Introducing solids is all about when, how and what to introduce first. Soundly based in the latest research, Feeding Sense provides clear and sensible guidelines to introducing solids.

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Lori van der Laan
Thank you to Baby Sense, Sleep Sense, Feeding Sense and Toddler Sense. I was an absolutely clueless mom, who with your help, has managed to raise a happy, healthy 22month old who I am told is the easiest child ever! I know the secret;-) he eats well and takes himself to bed at night. Thank you so much!Kind regards, Lori van der Laan