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The ultimate guide on feeding, sleep, routine and stimulation for your baby’s first year of life.

Translated into 6 languages, two editions and in its 20th print run, Baby Sense has become South Africa’s best-loved baby care book. Drawing on the expertise of Occupational Therapist Meg Faure and Nurse & Midwife, Ann Richardson, Baby Sense provides a clear view of a baby’s sensory development, emotional engagement and practical issues of the first year of life.

Know your baby’s sensory world

Your baby takes in sensory input through 8 senses. This sensory picture of the world provides then basis for learning and development as well asaffecting your baby’s mood and sleep. By understanding your baby’s response to sensory input, you will be able to affect many areas of development

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Understand signals

Interpreting your newborn’s subtle signals can be a challenge. Baby Sense clearly explains the signals your baby gives when tired and over stimulated versus those you can expect when your little one is ready for more stimulation.

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Getting a full night’s sleep as well as settling your baby into an age appropriate day sleep routine are looked at according to your baby’s age and capacity for being awake. The age band chapters on sleep provide clear guidelines for settling your baby into a routine.

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stimu-pBaby’s thrive with balanced stimulation. the concept behind not overstimulating little ones while ensuring that your baby gets the input needed to develop optimally is handled in chapter 10. In addition specific ideas for stimulating your baby during daily activities, such as nappy change and playtime are given in the age band chapters.

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feed-pChapter 5 deals with sensory guidelines for happy feeding. Knowledge about breastfeeds as well as formula and solids are offered in Baby Sense. The age band chapters give clear guidelines on how and when to feed your baby and as the first year progresses, when and what to feed your little one.

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Kathleen Cleator
My [Baby Sense] book is completely dog-eared, filled with various highlighter colours and well-worn thanks to the constant hours of reading and re-reading that I have done. Although I have bought other baby books, none of them come close to the Baby Sense book. It truly is a wonderful, insightful and practical text that I have recommended again and again to expecting friends. Thank you for printing and publishing a book that makes real 'sense' and has been invaluable to me through my son's first year. I will be reading it again very carefully through my daughters next 12 months.
Wendy Wessels
Someone recommended the book to me when I was pregnant, she swore by it, so I went and bought it. It was the best R135 I have ever spent. It is my absolute go to. It’s so practical and so informative, and easy to use and apply. I buy it as a present for all baby showers I go to now – no mommy should be without it -Wendy Wessels
Liz Friend
I was given the Baby sense book from my occupational therapist friend while pregnant with Zach (now 2 1/2). It was a Godsend. I implemented the never before understood and heard of strategies for a calm and contented baby and won. I have a well adjusted, well stimulated and good sleeper of a son. I now have a colicky 6 week old and have read the chapter on colic everyday (something I didn’t re-read with Zach), it is helping me get through the long days and nights. Thank you Megan for your words of wisdom and I wish everyone will hear about your books as they are amazing, I couldn’t live without Baby sense.
Adri de Bruyne
Babysense. The perfect babyshower gift. The best gift I could have ever received for me & my baby. Nothing in life prepares you for the journey of caring for a baby. "There is no handbook" your mother would say - but Babysense comes quite close to being that handbook! Whenever I was unsure of something with regards to eating, sleeping, stimulation or anything - I picked up the book and all the answers were right in front of me. It gave me real peace of mind to be able to find reliable information right there on the pages. Meg Faure & Ann Richardson have become like trusted friends & advisors in my mind. Thanks for a great product! I will ...
Jeanine Shead
I received the Baby Sense book as a gift at my baby shower. I never thought I'd be the person who turns to a baby book for advice and guidance (because knowing your baby and knowing what to do with your baby should all come naturally - pfff right). I started reading the book before I gave birth and so glad I did. Being a first time mom can be quite overwhelming and I couldn't imagine what it would've been like without having this book. Only times we've had an upset baby, was the times he was ill. It's been an absolute blessing knowing when he's been stimulated enough, letting him get the right amount ...
Michelle Abrahamse
I was given the Baby Sense book by a friend after my daughter was born. As a first time I was completely overwhelmed by this little person. After reading the baby sense book it put things in perspective for me, helped me read my babies signs and helped with sleep and feeding. I made notes and still refer to my baby sense book. I know there is no manual for a newborn baby, but this book is pretty damn close. I refer this book to any new preggie moms that I know and wish I had received it a little sooner, in order to prepare myself a little bit better. Thanks Meg & Co! -Michelle Abrahamse
Riki Maragela
I received the Baby Sense Book when my son was one month old. The book really came at the right time. I have learnt so much valuable information especially about the night time routine. Having dark curtains and self soothing techniques. Now when I go to Baby Showers I only buy one book Baby Sense. Thanks So Much
Lisa Raleigh
Baby Sense was a lifeline for me in the first year of my daughter’s life. It taught me everything I needed to know about establishing a flexible routine and sleep schedule, plus it gave me the confidence to understand my child better – and stay on track with her developmental milestones. I always recommend this book to the new parents I know.Baby Sense helped me to understand that fussy/colic symptoms are often linked to overstimulation. This helped tremendously – especially in the first 6 months of Bella’s life as I knew how to calm her down and this eased her fussiness.
Izane Van der Merwe
Baby Sense was very good and helpfull! I would give it 10/10!!
Jo-Ann Strauss, International MC, speaker and entrepreneur
As a career woman and mom of three my Baby Sense book has become a guide that I turn to time and again for baby care information and practical advice. Carefully watching awake times has allowed us to effortlessly settle our children into the flexible routine that our busy lifestyle demands and as a result we now have three well-adjusted children who are great sleepers.
Mieke Holder
Your Baby Sense book is amazing! I live in America and has given it as a gift to all my American first time mom friends. I typically purchase it through Amazon.All my friends agree that the sleep chart (time awake between sleeps vs age) is the true hidden gem in this book, as none of us knew it could be so short (guess we are a bunch of scientists so we like tables and figures and guidelines).My most recent new-mom colleague says your book makes her feel like she has an unfair advantage over other new moms.Thank you from all of us!
Carli du Plessis
I’m a first time mother of an eight week old baby girl, Nina. We got the Baby Sense book as a gift and I spent the last couple of my pregnant months reading it. My husband also read it! He’s quite a technical guy and likes to understand why certain things need to be done, so he found the book very helpful and explanatory. After Nina arrived, my husband and I found ourselves frequently running to the book paging through it frantically trying to find out what was wrong with her or what we had to do in a situation. The practical examples helped a lot. Nothing and no-one can really prepare you for parenthood, but we have found that ...