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Make it easy, Moms

Becoming a new mom is like being in the MasterChef kitchen, with a box of ingredients and given 90 minutes to produce a gourmet dish in competition to a chef you idolize! It’s a pressure test without a recipe– no wonder we have those days when we are more than a little overwhelmed. There are three ways we can gain a semblance of control over the pressures of motherhood: Managing time pressure – Like a cake in the oven, your [...]

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The breastfeeding / bonding connection

It’s February – the month of love. While most of us have experienced the love of a parent or the passion for a lover, we are generally unprepared for the overwhelming love we have for our babies. It’s this love that is the key to the survival of the human species. Our immature young are nurtured for a long time and with great vigilance simply because we fall illogically, utterly in love. The brain is masterfully designed to release the [...]

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Sensory Care for your prem baby

For 40 weeks of pregnancy, the womb is the perfect sensory world for development. If your baby is born early, you will be acutely aware of how different the sensory environment of the neonatal unit (NICU) is. The lifesaving procedures your baby goes through can be overwhelming on a sensory level – Touch in the NICU often involves pain – needles, tubes and just being touched can be painful for your prem baby The sterile smells of the unit can [...]

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Food that feeds the body well

I have always had an interest in wholesome foods and have tried to feed my children healthy ingredients in the food I prepare. It can be confusing to know what is wholesome and what is marketing hype and ultimately what is best to feed your little one. In Weaning Sense, we tried to separate the noise from the facts, because a lot of what we hear is not truly fact. During the launch period of Weaning Sense we have been [...]

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Newborn Skincare

“Skin health is often overlooked, as it is seen as non-life threatening and thus tends to be shrugged off. Healthy skin is critical to the development of healthier babies because they will be less vulnerable to infection and free from the discomfort and inhibitions of skin problems.” Dr Carol Hlela, Paediatric Dermatologist Reading this quote by Dr Carol Hlela the other day prompted me to write this article, not only because I am a huge supporter of the Healthy Skin [...]

Weaning Sense – My Journey

With my first baby, feeding was the most challenging part of my early parenting journey. I battled to breastfeed and persisted against the odds until 6 months, but not without many hours of tears and anxiety. Once solids were introduced, I shifted that anxiety to how much James would eat. It was only when our wonderful nanny took over mealtimes that James’ eating settled into a more pleasant experience. I realise looking back that the emotional energy I put into [...]

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Gentle protection for the whole family

I am writing this blog from our deck overlooking the Olifant’s river in the Lowveld. For the last 20 years, we have spent our annual holiday in the Lowveld of South Africa on the game farm we have a small share in. It is an ideal place for a bush holiday – restful and quiet. I have always been hyper-vigilant with my children’s health and even more so when holidaying in the bushveld or tropical areas. James, Alex and Emily have [...]

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Falling in love

It’s Valentines month and that always gets me thinking about love. On the 14th February, 24 years ago, I fell in love. I had known my husband for 6 years as friends and not once felt a tug on the heartstrings until one day I saw him in a different light – seriously it was like a thunderbolt hit me and I fell 100% madly in love. How was it for you? Love at fist sight? A slow gradual appreciation [...]

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Therapist resource list

I am often asked for names of therapists in the area of childcare that I recommend. I have decided to start a list that I will update intermittently on my blog of people who I have worked with or hear about from other therapists and patients. This list is not comprehensive but I will keep adding to it as I go along. If you are a therapist who wants to be on this list, please email me  or if you [...]

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The paradox of motherhood

I have been thinking about how often in motherhood, we become conflicted by our wishes and the decisions we make. You want your baby to sleep through the night but crave those cuddles of him falling asleep in your arms. You can’t wait for your toddler to give you 5 minutes to go to the toilet alone but feel anxious when you leave him with your nanny to pop out to run an errand. How can it feel so conflicted? [...]

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The sisterhood of motherhood

Dear Mom, When I was little, you were my world – your smell, your kind touch and the way you were always there for me anchored me.  In the evenings, you would come into my room and sit on my bed, I loved the way you stroked my head. Birthday cakes, baking and walks around the neighbourhood – all part of the long lazy days of my childhood. Then I became a teenager and I was sure you were completely [...]

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Memoirs of Sleep Deprivation

It is astounding how little we are really prepared for motherhood – no matter which book, how many talks and what courses we go on, becoming a new mom is a colossal shift. There are so many unexpected moments and emotions. Truly nothing anyone said to me could have prepared me for these. Sleep is one area where the shock reverberates day and night. As I reflect on what sleep deprivation meant to me, these are my “memoirs of a [...]

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A note to my Partner this Valentines day

Dear Partner I want you to know that I cannot do this without you. I married you because I was madly in love with you and wanted to spend my life with you but looking back, I had no idea what that meant.  I had absolutely no idea just how important you would be. You are the most fabulous father. You contain my emotions when I can’t. You pick up the pieces when I am at a loss. We wait [...]

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Holding each other in mind

Having a new baby can wreck havoc with your relationship. The reasons are numerous. Everyone is irritable – sleep deprivation does that to you. There is the measuring of ‘who does more’ and the resentment that the other expects so much of you or doesn’t pull their weight. There is the guilt – guilt about leaving to go to work and guilt about feeling angry. It’s a perfect storm. No wonder relationships suffer in the first 3 years of parenthood. [...]

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Is science always a good thing?

No one doubts the value of research and the development of technology that aids parenting and child development. But before jumping right in and embracing every new fad, I think it’s important to think through the value and potential risks. The latest of the tech offerings to come onto the market claims to enhance baby’s language and can be used to ‘wake babies up’ in utero – a vaginal speaker. Seriously, this small gadget is inserted into the pregnant mom’s [...]

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How to be a great parent in 2016

The start of a new year is a time for making changes and new starts. As parents we often look for ways to do things better and improve on our parenting skills. The pressure is immense to be a great parent. As a full mom of three and part time baby scientist, I regularly consider what should be prioritised as key elements to ensure a baby’s optimal development. Now, before I tell you what I think the top 5 fundamentals [...]

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11 September 2011 9/11

There will be moments in your life when you look back and know exactly where you were when something happened. The day the planes hit the twin towers in New York will probably be one of those days – 9/11. I want to tell you where I was – I had two little ones – James was 3 years old and Alex was 10 months old. And we were playing a game of ‘aeroplane-aeroplane’ – James had taken two of [...]

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How to be a brilliant dad (and perfect partner)

When a new baby arrives it is not just the baby that is born. A new mother and a new father are “born” too. Dads – your role as a father begins not just at the birth but during the pregnancy too. Here are a few tips of things you should do – and shouldn’t do – to support your partner during her pregnancy. Do listen to friends and relatives who have been there before. Other dads will tell it [...]

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