The best Bathtime Routine for your Baby

Is your baby waking at night and needing to be fed or soothed to sleep? Does your toddler wander down the passage after story time, needing another story or one more bottle? These issues are so common that they are almost within the norm for many parents. The good news is that while sleep is multi-faceted, it is often the smallest change that can make the biggest difference.

“It has been documented widely the importance of bath time particularly evening bath time towards ensuring a goodnight sleep for baby. This is because many factors come into play with evening bath time. The mothers get a chance to physically touch the baby, they get to massage the baby, which is good for both mom and baby. So if evening bath wash is a must, for the benefits I’ve just mentioned, then why not do it right? And in doing it right refers to; mothers should therefore be careful what they use when bathing that baby. They should be intentional in the products they use, they can use bath oils as it helps with dry skin. Products that have been properly formulated for baby skin are a better option and of course applying a moisturizer or oil according to the season. An evening bath is a good time for parents to be intentional in ensuring that their baby’s skin is well nourish”. – Dr Carol Hlela

Research has shown that less than 50% of babies and toddlers have a regular bedtime routine and that by simply implementing a bath time and bedtime routine, moms can expect an average increase of one extra hour sleep at night!

Healthy skin for healthy babies, JOHNSON’S® Baby believes in good skin health and works to educate mums on proper skin practices for their babies.  Babies’ skin is much more sensitive than that of an adult and loses x10 more moisture during the day, leaving baby vulnerable to infection. Since the skin is the first line of defense against infection it is so important for us to practice a healthy bathtime routine, ensuring good skin health for our little ones.

How does this work?

Your baby is a creature of habit and will enjoy predictability. If a bedtime routine always goes in a specific order, it prompts her to expect the next step. This means that by the time you get to saying good night and walking out, your little one will be drowsy and expect to go to sleep. If every night is different, she will try to push boundaries at bedtime or need more help, such as rocking or feeding to sleep, to settle. This in turn leads to more night wakings. So a simple bedtime routine can make the world of difference.

What does a good bath time routine look like?

An ideal bedtime routine should be structured as follows:

  • Choose a bedtime (between 6 and 7pm)
  • One hour before that time, prepare her bedroom by making it dark and putting on lullaby music and leaving the last milk feed by her bed
  • Run a warm bath with a lightly scented baby wash or bath oil, such as JOHNSON’S® Baby Top- to- Toe sensitive touch range, which works wonders for baby’s sensitive skin and locks in moisture so that baby feels relaxed and ready for bed.
  • After she has bathed, take her directly to her room and do not leave the room again until bedtime
  • Give her a gentle massage with baby lotion or oil, like JOHNSON’S® Baby product range, which not only helps to sooth baby but also keeps her skin moisturized. Use firm strokes and talk gently while you connect with her
  • Read a few stories – but stick to the number of stories you promised
  • Turn off the lights and have the last feed in the dark

As simple as this sounds, your baby will quickly adjust to her new routine and bedtime will become a whole lot easier.

The JOHNSON’S® Baby Healthy Skin Project educates Mothers about Skin Health:

When a baby’s skin is compromised, it is more vulnerable to invasive pathogens that may cause infections. It is therefore important to provide guidance around baby skin health as Moms can be unaware of this danger, seeing most conditions as non-life threatening. Every mother deserves to know what is best for their baby’s health, especially when it can affect their baby’s growth and development.  JOHNSON’S® Baby has seen the need for awareness and education around baby skin health in South Africa which is why they developed The JOHNSON’S® Baby Healthy Skin Project as a platform to fulfill this need.

This education and aid initiative provides mothers in need to the best quality baby healthcare and skincare advice, whilst empowering the women of under-served communities.

The JOHNSON’S® Baby Healthy Skin Project invites you to join the conversation as it works to improve the lives of South African babies #johnsonsbabyhealth.