Your baby and toddler is very ego-centric – It’s well known that a toddler’s mantra is “What’s mine is mine and What’s yours is mine!” Of course this is not a strategy that works well when it comes to sports. Your little one has to learn how to take turns and play in a team. We asked Jade Shield, OT and Franchise owner of Clamber Club Sports, how to help your little one learn to take turn and be prepared-ish to be part of a team:

  1. Learning to take turns and share is a challenging concept for younger children and begins to develop from about 2 ½ years. However you can start teaching the principles by gently saying little phrases like: “Sharing is caring.” Or holding your little one’s hand if she tries to snatch a toy. At this age you need to help her regulate her impulse to grab a toy.
  2. In the toddler years, start by playing in small groups with your child and one or two of their peers. Keep activities fun and short with the emphasis on turn taking. Verbalise what you are doing using words such as “its John’s turn now” and “wait for your turn”.
  3. Sports games are a fun and easy way to encourage turn taking and balls can be used in a variety of ways for this: taking turns to pass, throw, kick, hit, score with balls and bats provide a fun opportunity for learning and will help to promote cooperation for later team sports.

At home, incorporate turn taking into daily routines with siblings. Play family games in teams that incorporate turn taking, winning, and losing as these are all important skills for our children to learn

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