So you have now decided the time is right to potty train and your toddler has shown all the signs that they are also ready, now you need to get going.

In the lead up to potty training, you should get the equipment you are going to need to potty train, including the hardware – potties; software – trainer nappies and rewards too. Let’s start with potties – there are two options for a potty – one stand-alone floor potty and the other a toilet seat reducer.

  • A stand-alone potty is a great idea as your little one can use it in whichever room you choose to potty train and can even sit on the potty while you or a sibling are on the toilet – letting your toddler model what you are doing. The critical thing with a stand-alone potties is that they need to be very stable.
  • A seat reducer is excellent because it allows your child to model exactly what you are doing – on the toilet while reducing the size of the hole and letting your little one feel more secure. Most seat reducers come with handles.

It is worth getting some training nappies. Although you won’t use these all the time, they are essential for trips in the car or outings where you may not be able to get to a toilet quickly enough.

To help you feel a little more prepared-ish to Potty Train, these are the essentials you need to get started:

  1. Potty – stand alone or seat reducer
  2. Step to climb onto the toilet and to support feet while toileting
  3. Training nappies
  4. Reward jar with stickers on top of the toilet to reward successful toilet events
  5. Timer to make sure you remember every hour to take your little one to the toilet in the first week of toilet training.

Having got the equipment, you are now ready to start with teaching your little one this new skill. Be Prepared-ish with Babies R Us and their toy range: