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Babies R Us Milestones – Starting Potty Training

One of the most searched questions on the internet is “How do I potty train my baby?” It can feel like an insurmountable task in the toddler years. The first challenge is to know when to start potty training.  Physiotherapist Lulu Becker has a special interest in helping children who are struggling with incontinence and bed wetting has this to say about when little ones are ready to potty train: “Children first start becoming aware of the urge to void between the ages of 1 and 2, however this is [...]

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Toddler Mealtimes

Having a fussy eater is more common than you may think. While some toddlers eat almost anything they can get their little hands on, others are a lot pickier. Some fussy eaters are simply trying to express their independence with a say in what, when, where and how they eat. Others just need some coaxing, distraction and gentle encouragement. There is nothing like a food battle to cause stress and anxiety in parents but remember that fussy eating isn’t just common, it’s normal! If your family dinner table has become [...]

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Toddler Behaviour

Toddler behaviour is one of the most common challenges of early parenting, whether it is a tantrum in the check-out aisle; biting a friend; refusing to put the seat belt on or simply getting out of bed multiple times at bedtime. Almost every parent has experienced at least a few of these tricky behaviours. Most approaches to discipline look at how to manage the behaviours and often involve shouting, punishment and a lot of repetition. If you are trying to extinguish a negative behaviour then those are the options you [...]

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Optimal Nutrition for Toddlers

The toddler years bring a whole new set of challenges for parents. Your toddler will be asserting his autonomy and ‘will’ in almost every scenario. From sleep time to outings, you will be experiencing a battle of wills at times. Meal times are often where the battles are most vehemently fought: the more desperate you become to get the nutrients in, the more stubbornly, your toddler refuses to eat. Sound familiar? Well research tells us that battles at mealtimes are the one battle we as parents should not be taking [...]

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Potty Training

Potty training is a stage of parenting that many moms dread, having no idea how to proceed. This need not be a time of anxiety and can be managed with a few simple tips: You will know when your baby is ready to potty train, when she starts to show an interest in going to the toilet or taking her nappy off. When this happens, talk about her going to the potty and start to consider potty training. The right time to potty train is usually the first warm period [...]

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Choosing Toys

As an Occupational therapist and mom to three, choosing toys has been more than a passing interest of mine. The toys I buy have to achieve very specific goals, appeal to a wide range of kids (my patients vary from 6-week-old babies to 3-year-old toddlers) and be very durable. In a day in my practise, I frequently use toys to achieve a developmental outcome. For instance, a one year old who is not crawling will need to be enticed to move with rotation from her sitting position by an interesting [...]

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Gentle protection for the whole family

I am writing this blog from our deck overlooking the Olifant’s river in the Lowveld. For the last 20 years, we have spent our annual holiday in the Lowveld of South Africa on the game farm we have a small share in. It is an ideal place for a bush holiday – restful and quiet. I have always been hyper-vigilant with my children’s health and even more so when holidaying in the bushveld or tropical areas. James, Alex and Emily have been coming to the farm from the time they were [...]

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Toddler Tantrums and how to manage them

Tantrums are a hallmark feature of the toddler years and occur for a few reasons: Your toddler may feel misunderstood and frustrated as his expressive language lets him down – he is unsure of whether you understand his intent and what he wants. Tiredness and hunger and basic primal instincts may underlie your toddler’s tantrum – a hungry toddler is like a lion and a tired or sore toddler is as dangerous as a bear. An expression of will. As your toddler develops his own personality, he will assert himself [...]

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Sleep: Toddler boundaries

Whether you battled your way through sleep deprivation in the first year of your baby’s life or if you were gifted with a little one who slept through early, you may well be in for a turbulent time in the toddler years.  Toddlers can be very poor sleepers and there are usually one of four reasons for this: Your toddler may become a picky eater and require extra nutritional support with a toddler milk or by bulking up the fats and proteins in his meals. Your toddler may experience fears [...]

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Preparing to potty train

Potty Training is probably one of the more challenging aspects of parenting a toddler. Some toddlers simply fall into the task with ease but for many any number of things can go awry. This brings up many questions from parents: How do I know when the right time is to start encouraging potty training? Most toddlers are ready to be potty trained between 18 and 24 months of age. You can watch out for the following signs that your toddler is ready: Your toddler tells you when he is about [...]

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Managing temper tantrums

There are few parenting moments that are more embarrassing than the veritable toddler temper tantrum while out in public. As your toddler throws herself down, screeching and banging her head you know that every on-looker is judging you. Toddler tantrums can be almost entirely avoided with a few tools in your toolkit: Sleep – Toddlers need a lot of sleep. They are still sponges for information and without regular day sleep and good quality night sleep, toddlers become very susceptible to overstimulation. An overtired toddler is a recipe for a [...]

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Look who’s talking

The human baby is strongly wired to be a social being. Part of being social is the development of language. Language is the way we connect with the world and much of our learning is dependent on language. Babbling begins at two months of age as your baby starts to verbalize. Although these pre-speech sounds appear meaningless they are the vital first step of practicing language for your baby. By babbling and cooing your baby starts to learn to control his larynx or voice box as well as the intricate [...]

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Toys for your tot

One of the tasks of early parenting is to stimulate your baby to ensure optimal development. In the book Baby Sense, I outline four elements to keep in mind, using the acronym TEAT: Time – choose the right time to stimulate your baby when she is in the calm-alert state. Environment – Without any toys your baby’s environment can be stimulating – walks in a carrier or a trip to the beach are wonderful environments for little ones to learn from their world. Activity – Activities such as a Mom [...]

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Hard Habits to Manage

Habits emerge slowly and insidiously over the first two years of your baby’s life and before you know it, you wake up one day and realize you are held hostage by a ritual, habit or routine that is inflexible and difficult to maintain. It’s time to manage that habit and here are some tried and tested tips to get you there. Sleep habits – Sleep is a common arena for negative habits. They entail rituals for getting to sleep that are dependent on mom or dad and these habits prevent [...]

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Meg Faure’s Monday Minute with Nuk: Packing your nappy bag

A nappy bag is an essential tool for getting out and about. If it is packed with all the essentials, it makes travel and outings more pleasurable with your baby. These are my essential for packing in a nappy bag: Essentials Pack a nappy per two hours of an outing plus one spare Nappy wipes – get a small dispenser or put 10 wipes into a ziplock for the outing Hand sanitizer is an essential for after you have changed a nappy and for before a breastfeed when [...]

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Help – my toddler is a biter!

You are sitting at a tea with your friends and their toddlers when there is a blood-curdling shriek from one of your friend’s toddlers. Little Amy is crying inconsolably, with a bright red imprint of a full set of teeth on her cheek. Your blood runs cold as you realise the perpetrator is you little angel. We all love our children unconditionally and actually we want the world to think they are great too! So when your toddler gets labelled as naughty or a biter, nothing feels worse. Why do [...]

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Planning a playdate!

Human babies are wired to be social and as parents, we too can do with social interaction as we parent in what can be very isolated circumstances. Play dates naturally are a way to not only socialise your little one but also to get some greatly appreciated adult time with your friends too. Here are some tips on socialising your little one: Who – Socialise your baby with someone who’s mom or dad you get on well with - someone from a mom and baby group, your antenatal class or [...]

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Meg Faure’s Monday Minute: Winter indoor play

As we approach winter, we will need to get creative with how we play with our little ones – the days are shorter, cooler and in some places wetter. But that doesn’t mean your little one will stop playing. Its very important we do not rely on TV during indoor playtime but rather have opportunities for fun indoor games. Here are a few indoor games you can play: For gross motor skills, you can make an indoor obstacle course with chairs, tables and blankets to make tunnels For [...]

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