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Gentle protection for the whole family

I am writing this blog from our deck overlooking the Olifant’s river in the Lowveld. For the last 20 years, we have spent our annual holiday in the Lowveld of South Africa on the game farm we have a small share in. It is an ideal place for a bush holiday – restful and quiet. I have always been hyper-vigilant with my children’s health and even more so when holidaying in the bushveld or tropical areas. James, Alex and Emily have been coming to the farm from the time they were [...]

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How to drop a day sleep

Josh was a happy, healthy 12-month old who had a 45-minute sleep at 9am and an hour and a half at 2pm. The problem was that seemingly overnight he started to fight going to sleep at his afternoon sleep and at bedtime too. His mother was at a lose end! Just as you think you have got on top of your baby’s sleep routine, suddenly you will find that he changes the game plan. As your little one gets older, his need for day sleeps become less and so you [...]

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Day Sleep

One of the biggest myths about your child’s sleep is the if you keep a baby or toddler awake in the day they will be so tired that they will sleep better at night. Nothing could be further from the truth. In actual fact, “sleep begets sleep” – in other words a good day routine results in a rested baby who will sleep better at night. So having debunked that myth, how do we go about establishing a good day sleep routine? The human brain goes through cycles of drowsiness [...]

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Sleep Safety

Sleep marks the very first separation from our babies. Like most parents, I well recall tiptoeing into the nursery to check on my little one’s breathing when they were sleeping soundly. Without question the worst fear of any parent is the fear that their baby dies whilst asleep – commonly known as cot death or SIDS. Millions is spent annually on SIDS research and while the jury is still out on exactly what causes a baby to die in its sleep, we do know what the heightened risk factors are. [...]

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Hard habits to manage

Habits emerge slowly and insidiously over the first two years of your baby’s life and before you know it, you wake up one day and realize you are held hostage by a ritual, habit or routine that is inflexible and difficult to maintain. It’s time to manage that habit and here are some tried and tested tips to get you there. Sleep habits – Sleep is a common arena for negative habits. They entail rituals for getting to sleep that are dependent on mom or dad and these habits prevent [...]

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Crying: Preventing and managing colic

There are few things in life as hard as trying to sooth a colicky baby. Babies are labeled as having colic if they cry extensively – more than three hours a day in the first three months of life. Colic (meaning abdominal discomfort) is in fact a misnomer as only 5% of babies have digestive problems. This means that changing feeding methods, cutting out ‘gas producing’ foods and giving your baby medicine for ‘reflux’ is in all likelihood not going to make the difference (unless your baby is one of [...]

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Seven steps to a bedtime routine that works!

If newborn colicky periods or toddler bedtime battles are a familiar part of your evening, it may be time to look at the bedtime routine you have for your little one. The brain has a wonderful way of releasing neurotransmitters, such as melatonin, that prepare us for sleep. A bedtime routine is one of the ways we can prep our brains to settle to sleep with ease. From the time your baby is a couple of months old, you should start to mark the end of each day with a [...]

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Pre -Winter immunity boost

In the first few months, your baby’s immune system is too immature to activate its own immunity. Luckily your baby was born with a natural immunity she inherited from you during pregnancy. In addition, colostrum – the milk your baby gets from the breast in the first three days of life - gives a high dose of antibodies. These antibodies create a passive immunity – in other words a gift from you to your baby. But it doesn’t last long – just a few weeks or months and then your [...]

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Teaching your toddler about night and day

Mary's problem had suddenly arisen in the past few weeks, Jaden was a good sleeper but now, at 15 months he suddenly had turned into a monster at night! At 2 am for the past week, Jaden would become restless and then call out and eventually start to cry. Going in to him, he would ask to be picked up and want to go out of his room. He simply wanted to go to the lounge, watch some TV and have a bottle there. He would play quietly on the [...]

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Teaching your baby about night and day

As Ella woke for the third time that night, her sleep deprived, exhausted mom choked back the tears - is it really possible that she needed another feed?  Ella was actually a very good baby during the day - she slept for four to five hours at a stretch but at night, she turned into a nightmare! She was waking every two hours at night and simply put, her mom was desperate and had no idea how she could keep it up for much longer! It is very common for newborns to have their [...]

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