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Top 5 Sleep Problems

Whether your little one has always been a good sleeper or you are just getting your baby to sleep through the night or sleep has always been a problem and still is, you will find that in the 6-12 month age band, new sleep issues arise. Here are the top 5 sleep problems arising in the 6-12 month old. Waking for a feed more than once at night may indicate that your little one is not getting all the nutrition he needs during the day. It is very important after [...]

Solving Baby Sleep Issues

Every week I hear from Moms in need of help for their baby’s sleep. Today was no different, an 11 month old little chap, lets call him Nicholas who was not sleeping longer than 30 minutes at each sleep during the day and at night was waking hourly before 11pm and after 1am woke every 45 minutes. His poor mom is beyond tired and was justifiably desperate. She had heard that she had two options open to her, and was desperately hoping I would have another solution: Get in a [...]

Sleep and your Older Baby or Toddler

Although toddlers should be able to sleep through the night, many are waking and wreaking havoc at bedtime and during the night. Your toddler needs 12 hours sleep at night and one two-hour midday sleep. Routines for 9-12 months A good day sleep and feeding routine assists good night sleep habits: Day sleep routine: Wake between 5 and 7am Wake +2 ½ hours = morning nap – 45 minutes Wake +2 ½ hours = midday sleep From 9 months - drop afternoon nap Wake from naps by 4pm i.e. very [...]

Toddler Naptime Essential Guide

By the time your baby is one year of age, you have probably settled her into a predictable rhythm of day sleeps. The age appropriate sleep for this age is two day sleeps and around 12 hours at night. Then just when you feel you have a handle on sleep, enter the toddler years. At about a year, you may find that your little one starts to fight going to sleep at either of the day sleeps and/or at bedtime. This is an indication that his sleep requirements are changing. [...]

Healthy Sleep Associations

In order to fall asleep, your baby needs to shift from an awake state into a drowsy state and then into a sleep state. In order to do this most babies rely on sensory calming input that helps them settle down until they fall asleep.  This sensory input becomes a Sleep Association: a sensory input that your baby associates with falling asleep. Sleep associations begin to develop between four to six months of age. There are two components to sleep associations: those that occur before your baby falls asleep (bedtime [...]

The Path to a Good Night’s Sleep

When a baby is born so is a mother and a new relationship. In the months after birth the new baby will have the task of making sense of her new world. Likewise, mom has months and years ahead of her in which she has to learn how to soothe her little one and settle her into good sleep habits.  Teaching your baby to sleep well is a learning curve for you and your baby. There are 10 points you can focus on in your path to a good night [...]

Sleep Tools

Parents of babies of all ages search for the secret behind a good night’s sleep. Aside from the obvious nutrition and health issues, you need to consider what your baby should be sleeping in and what sleep tools you can use that will really make a difference. When making the decision on what sleep products to buy, there are three factors to consider: Will this product add to my baby's comfort? Is this product safe or can it enhance my baby's safety during sleep? Will this product get me closer [...]

Feeding Sense for Sleep

The old Afrikaans adage “Magies vol oogies toe”, which roughly translated means Tummy Full, Eyes Close contains some wisdom for sleep-deprived moms and their little ones. What you feed your baby can have an effect on her (and your) sleep: Newborn – Four Months At this stage, you have no option, your baby can only have milk in her diet and milk is exactly what she needs for sleep. Milk contains Tryptophan, which is an amino acid that aids with the production of sleep hormones, such as melatonin and serotonin. [...]

Health and Sleep

When your baby wakes at night and cannot settle to sleep, one of the thoughts that will go through your head is whether she is ill. If your baby is usually a good sleeper and suddenly has a few very bad nights, it is certainly a reasonable concern and worth looking into. If your newborn is never sleeping longer than 45 minutes to an hour day and night – it is also possible that health issues underlie the poor sleep. If your toddler has been a great sleeper and can [...]

How Babies Sleep

The statement “She sleeps like a baby!” takes on a whole new meaning when you become a parent!  Our expectations of how a baby sleeps may be very far off from reality. Unfortunately the truth usually only emerges a few months into parenthood – that sleep is one thing that will never be the same. The interesting part is that understanding how babies sleep holds the key to getting your baby to sleep. Sleep cycles During sleep, we move from deep sleep to light sleep. The period from deep sleep [...]

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