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Fisher-Price, Power of Play for Emotional Intelligence

A critical aspect of development is the emergence of emotional intelligence. A child with a high EQ can identify and communicate his own feelings, recognise the feelings of others and adjust his behaviour to another person to ensure that they feel comfortable and understood. EQ allows your child to connect with others and collaborate – this in turn results in successful relationships. Since relationships are key to happiness at work and in all areas of life, it stands to reason that parents ought to be encouraging the development of emotional [...]

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Power of Play for 21st Century Skills

Our children are going to work and engage in a world that we cannot predict with any certainty. What we do know is that the skills that will be needed in the future work environment will be very different to those needed in the past. While skills like mechanics and accounting may suit the current job landscape, we know that these skills will in all likelihood be automated in the future. Recent studies are showing that the core competencies of future players are soft-skills. These include the four C’s - [...]

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Time for Play School

It’s amazing how each stage of parenting takes us a little by surprise. We cannot picture the next phase and how we will ever be ready for it. And then boom, it sneaks up. I clearly recall thinking I would never be ready for my son to go away for university and now I am there and actually its okay, I am coping. Likewise, you cannot imagine when you hold your little new baby how you will be ready for the play group stage and then one day you wake [...]

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Nurture their Nature

Choose your little one’s toys to #NurtureTheirNature - your little one has the innate capacity and drive to master their world and learn though play. All that is needed is some time with you, a safe play space and some special toys or activities that nurture natural development: Your baby is naturally driven to speak and connect through language – this uniquely human skill is wonderfully stimulated when babies are spoken to, read to and when they play with toys that encourage speech. My personal favourite is a toy phone, [...]

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Baby skincare in the sun

Summer is around the corner and we are all looking forward to spending more time soaking up the warm rays in the long sunny days. Summer means wonderful new experiences for your baby as you spend more time outdoors and may even go to the beach or swimming pool. Now the thought of taking your baby near water should bring to mind the critical safety elements one need to consider in summer. Obviously, all babies need to be closely monitored whenever near water. In addition, the long sunny days and [...]

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How to play more

Science and wisdom tell us that play is vital for a child’s development. The problem is that as a busy parent, it may feel like an enormous challenge to find the time to play or you may find that you are unsure about how to play with your little one. In chapter 10 of Baby Sense, we talk about 4 guidelines for stimulation and we use the acronym T.E.A.T: Timing Play with your little one when he is well rested and not hungry, preferably in the calm-alert state. This is [...]

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Speech and language development in children

As parents we spend our lives trying to make sure that we offer our children the best opportunities in life.  We often obsess about their development and compare our babies with others to make sure everything is on track.  One of the biggest indicators about how your baby is doing is the development of their language skills.  Lets look at "typical" language development and how you can encourage your child’s speech. Research has shown that the more attention given by parents to language development in the early days, the better [...]

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Falling in love

It’s Valentines month and that always gets me thinking about love. On the 14th February, 24 years ago, I fell in love. I had known my husband for 6 years as friends and not once felt a tug on the heartstrings until one day I saw him in a different light – seriously it was like a thunderbolt hit me and I fell 100% madly in love. How was it for you? Love at fist sight? A slow gradual appreciation of that person or a mind numbingly drastic moment of [...]

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First aid while travelling

Leaving home with a baby for the first time brings on anxiety – going on holiday, away from home base especially if far from civilisation takes anxiety to a whole new level! What if your baby gets ill - runs a fever or has diarrhoea? What if your toddler has an insect bite or cuts himself badly? The solution? As the old girl guide motto goes – Be Prepared! Pack yourself a kick-ass travelling first aid kit. Going from top to tail -use the following guidelines: Fever and pain – [...]

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Meg Faure’s ultimate guide to Happy Holidays

I love the festive season, I love spoiling my children and I love the social times with friends and family. I love the late nights out and the great food. My kids however become very busy and at times fractious. I know that I may have more cries in December than any other month of the year but I will also have more laughs. So it’s worth it – its what memories are made of. But there are some good tips for keeping the silly season as sane as possible. [...]

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