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Babies R Us Milestones – Starting Potty Training

One of the most searched questions on the internet is “How do I potty train my baby?” It can feel like an insurmountable task in the toddler years. The first challenge is to know when to start potty training.  Physiotherapist Lulu Becker has a special interest in helping children who are struggling with incontinence and bed wetting has this to say about when little ones are ready to potty train: “Children first start becoming aware of the urge to void between the ages of 1 and 2, however this is [...]

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Babies R Us Milestones – Balls and Bubbles

Probably the simplest toys out there – balls and bubbles (big and small) bring loads of giggles and fun as well as teaching your little one vital skills. Babies and toddlers of all ages love to play with balls and here are a few wonderful ways you can be prepared-ish to use balls and bubbles at each age to enhance specific skills: Bubbles for visual skills and tracking – At birth, your baby’s least developed sense is the visual sense and it takes time to develop the intraocular muscles for [...]

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Babies R Us Milestones – Books

Books are amazing for developing language, in fact, research has shown that reading to your baby and toddler can materially affect their language ability and intelligence. Your baby will love books from 6 months of age and if you start early, this can become an expected part of your daily routine. Emma Gough of Sensory Roots Occupational Therapy shared tips on which books to buy at each age, to be prepared-ish to develop your little one’s language: Fabric books – While fabric books are great for reading and language stimulation, [...]

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Babies R Us Milestones – Cause and Effect Toys

It takes a little time for your baby to learn the effect he has on the world but by 6 weeks old the first evidence of this awareness emerges as your baby learns to smile in response to your smile. Within the next two months, your baby will learn that his voice can also elicit a reaction. As your baby learns this, he will start to yell to hear your voice respond or cry to have you return to the room. This is evidence that your baby is learning about [...]

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Get Baby Summer Ready

As we approach the hottest months of the year in South Africa, it is a wonderful time to lap up the fabulous Summer weather with our babies and toddlers. There is nothing like a little body toddling around in nothing more than a nappy, embracing nature and the great outdoors! Beach outings and water play are a fabulous sensory experience for your little one. But there is some wisdom that needs to go hand in had with this sensory smorgasbord: Sun care: Time in the sun is wonderful for our [...]

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Babies R Us Milestones – Peek-a-Boo games

In the second six months, you may find your baby becomes a little clingy, not wanting you out of his sight. We call this separation anxiety and interestingly playing Peek-a-Boo can really help with this stage. Occupational Therapist and founder of Play Matters, Emma Gough, explains that babies love playing Peek-a-Boo for 2 reasons: Firstly, your baby is developing a cognitive skill called object permanence (4-7 months). Object permanence means that your little one knows something exists even when he can’t see it. If a toy is covered, he will [...]

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Babies R Us Milestones – Playing with Toys

Once your baby is sitting, you enter one of the easier phases of parenting – the calm before the storm of a moving toddler. We asked Occupational Therapist and founder of Play Matters, Emma Gough, to give us her choice of toys for the second six months. Emma advises: “Now that she can sit with her hands free your baby will start to explore the world around her with her hands. She will start to experiment with different grasps. It is important to have objects or toys of different sizes [...]

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Babies R Us Milestones – Hitting a Ball

Your child’s second year is the time when motor skills come alive and you can start to see the start of sporting ability. There are still years of exposure that will mean the difference between just having fun with sports and really excelling. There are ways you can help your little one develop ball skills from a young age. We asked Jade Shield, OT and Franchise owner of Clamber Club Sports, how to help your little one to be prepared-ish to coordinate ball skills well: Between 12-15 months your child [...]

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Babies R Us Milestones – Taking Turns

Your baby and toddler is very ego-centric – It's well known that a toddler’s mantra is “What’s mine is mine and What’s yours is mine!” Of course this is not a strategy that works well when it comes to sports. Your little one has to learn how to take turns and play in a team. We asked Jade Shield, OT and Franchise owner of Clamber Club Sports, how to help your little one learn to take turn and be prepared-ish to be part of a team: Learning to take turns [...]

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Babies R Us Milestones – Playing With a Friend

Being part of a sporting activity requires that your little one learns to collaborate and play ‘with’ his friends. Jade Shield, OT and Franchise owner of Clamber Club Sports says that until around two years old, toddlers tend to play alongside their friends, rather than collaboratively ‘with’ their friends – we call this parallel play. After two years old, your toddler will start to engage in cooperative play with a friend. Here are some ideas to help you be prepared-ish to develop the social skills that your little one needs [...]

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