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Babies R Us Milestones – Playing With a Friend

Being part of a sporting activity requires that your little one learns to collaborate and play ‘with’ his friends. Jade Shield, OT and Franchise owner of Clamber Club Sports says that until around two years old, toddlers tend to play alongside their friends, rather than collaboratively ‘with’ their friends – we call this parallel play. After two years old, your toddler will start to engage in cooperative play with a friend. Here are some ideas to help you be prepared-ish to develop the social skills that your little one needs [...]

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Toys and Games

One of the tasks of early parenting is to stimulate your baby to ensure optimal development of your baby. In the book Baby Sense, I outline four elements to keep in mind, using the acronym TEAT: Time – Choose the right time to stimulate your baby when she is in the calm-alert state. Environment – Without any toys your baby’s environment can be stimulating – walks in a carrier or a trip to the beach are wonderful environments for little ones to learn from their world. Activity – Activities such [...]

The Development of Speech

The first three years of life are considered the most important years for the development of young children. This is the time when your baby will develop rapidly, going from a helpless newborn whose movements are governed by reflexes to an interactive toddler who is master of her world. As a parent one of your key roles is to recognize your baby's development and to ensure that she reaches her milestones at the age appropriate times. With knowledge you will be empowered to scaffold or support her development as she [...]

Baby Stimulation Classes

Every well-meaning parent wants to do the best for their baby. We focus heavily on our baby’s milestones and create expectations for ourselves as parents to have the best, brightest baby on the block. Stimulation is important! The reason we have the enormous focus on stimulating our babies is that there is certainly overwhelming evidence that an enriched environment does enhance brain development and babies who are stimulated are more likely to develop to their potential. How to stimulate your baby? You can enhance your baby’s development in all areas by structuring [...]

Ask Meg: Balancing Stimulation

Dear Meg, I have a four-month-old baby boy who seems to be very fussy during the day and does not sleep through at night yet.  There are nights where he wakes up on the hour. Why is this?  I am starting to introduce solids, as he seems hungry all the time.  (I've been breastfeeding exclusively and intend continuing.)  Sometimes he gets so irritated and fussy that I can only get him to fall asleep in my arms to music with a beat.  Other times he allows me to put him [...]

Gross Motor Development

The first three years of life are considered the most important years for the development of young children. This is the time when your baby will develop rapidly, going from a helpless newborn who’s movements are governed by reflexes to an interactive toddler who is master of his world. At birth your baby is curled up and unable to work and move against gravity. Over the next eighteen months he will master gravity and control his body as he engages with the world. Most motor development is pretty hard wired [...]

Top 5 Milestones of Development

As parents, we are constantly concerned about our baby’s development – we want the best for our little ones and milestones are one of the ways in which we tend to measure our child’s development. Before talking about what I believe are 5 important milestones, it needs to be stressed that your little one is an individual, which means that he or she will develop at a unique pace. Smiling is one of the first responses you get from your little one. The average baby smiles at 6 weeks of [...]

Stimulating your Baby – the Sensible Middle Ground

Parenting comes with the responsibility of ensuring that our babies develop to their maximum potential. However advice on how we achieve this goal of optimising potential has varied over the past century. ‘Stimulation is unnecessary’ In the early 1900s a well-known American developmental psychologist and paediatrician, Arnold Gesell, popularised the belief that a child’s development was predetermined by an inherited biological plan, which he called maturation. This meant that the environment would have little bearing on a child’s development. This led to the belief that no amount of stimulation (or [...]

Modulating Stimulation

Parenting comes with heavy responsibilities and one responsibility we take very seriously as parents is that of ensuring that our baby develops his maximum potential. The question is how can we best enhance our baby’s development? In recent years it has become accepted wisdom that a certain amount of stimulation is needed to optimise a babies’ development. The reason is an interesting one. A baby is actually born with all the necessary brain cells for all areas of development. In order to make sense of the world, the baby’s brain [...]

Milestones of Development

If you are a parent you probably have heard the term ‘milestone’ or ‘developmental skill’. These are the means by which we measure our baby’s growth and development. When did your baby first smile? Around 6 weeks? If so she is like most babies who reach this milestone at approximately the same age. Which milestones are important and when is a delayed milestone something to worry about? What will interest most people is that it is not the obvious milestones like sitting, walking and talking that I am going to [...]

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