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Fisher-Price, Power of Play for Emotional Intelligence

A critical aspect of development is the emergence of emotional intelligence. A child with a high EQ can identify and communicate his own feelings, recognise the feelings of others and adjust his behaviour to another person to ensure that they feel comfortable and understood. EQ allows your child to connect with others and collaborate – this in turn results in successful relationships. Since relationships are key to happiness at work and in all areas of life, it stands to reason that parents ought to be encouraging the development of emotional [...]

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Awake Times – the Secret to Settled Day Sleep

The Awake Times theory is one of the cornerstones of the Baby Sense book and from the outset was one of the unique aspects of the Baby Sense Way. Why does it work? We all have optimal times that we can be awake before becoming drowsy and falling asleep with ease. These are called our circadiuam rhythms. As an adult your time is 6 hours and thereafter you would happily grab a siesta, if you had the time and space to do so. Babies and toddlers have narrow awake times [...]

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Optimal Nutrition for Toddlers

The toddler years bring a whole new set of challenges for parents. Your toddler will be asserting his autonomy and ‘will’ in almost every scenario. From sleep time to outings, you will be experiencing a battle of wills at times. Meal times are often where the battles are most vehemently fought: the more desperate you become to get the nutrients in, the more stubbornly, your toddler refuses to eat. Sound familiar? Well research tells us that battles at mealtimes are the one battle we as parents should not be taking [...]

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Power of Play: Life Skill Development

Amongst the first challenges of early infancy, is for your baby to be able to stay calm when faced with little sensory challenges and to be able to fall asleep without crying. These are more than just conveniences, they are life skills. All babies are born immature and sensitive to stimulation and many babies battle to fall asleep. It is part of our role as parents to help our babies remain settled and sooth to sleep. Most learning happens during play and these life skills are no different. Your new [...]

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Have Baby will Travel

Travelling with babies and toddlers can be stressful, whether it is navigating public transport, such as the underground in London or simply a domestic flight in South Africa – you are bound to find a pram a mission to contend with. That is why I have always chosen to travel with my baby carrier. There are a few good reasons for this: A baby carrier takes up WAY less space – The SnuggleRoo in particular is so small, it can easily fold up into any nappy bag and even your [...]

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Power of Close

The first year of life is a critical time for bonding, attachment and the development of emotional security. During this time, your baby learns to trust you and gathers priceless life lessons that builds her trust and her expectations of social interaction with others. Emotional development is enhanced early on when a baby experiences closeness to mom and dad. When your baby is held and cuddled, it releases feel-good neurotransmitters that encourage engagement and reinforces a bonding and falling in love. One of the reasons I love baby wearing is [...]

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Swaddling 101

What is Swaddling? Swaddling is as ancient as parenting itself. For generations mothers have swaddled their babies and it is only in recent years that some Western Cultures have stopped swaddling their babies. Now the wisdom is returning to Western moms as we now know that swaddling is a simple strategy to sooth babies and has fabulous benefits for sleep too. Why is Swaddling so important? The first 12 weeks of your baby’s life is essentially a ‘fourth trimester’. During this time your baby’s nervous system is immature and this [...]

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Keeping your baby healthy

I am often asked what my top tips are to keep babies and toddlers healthy through winter. It’s such a challenge because toddlers seem to share germs and when babies and toddlers are ill, sleep and eating are extremely challenging. Here are some ways you can help to keep your little one healthy: Don’t take your newborn to busy public places, although her immunity is still well supported by your antibodies, especially if you are breastfeeding, a newborn who gets sick will not feed well and this is very stressful [...]

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Managing a Fussy Baby

There are few challenges that can throw a new mom out more than colic and reflux. Having a fussy baby who simply won’t settle is very disconcerting. You will find yourself grappling for answers as you try to settle your little one. I believe that when it comes to colic and fussing, it’s worth trying an array of strategies to prevent colic and settle your baby – everything from chiropractic to lactase enzymes, from spacing feeds to frequent day sleeps can make a difference. When your baby is already crying, [...]

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Confident Parenting

I don’t know about you, but with my first baby, I was a bundle of nerves. I could hardly believe they let me out of the hospital with him! I was sure I would harm him and never be able to meet his nutritional needs. It was a journey to become a confident mom and there were many factors that helped me gain confidence so that I could meet James’ needs. I think that this is a sentiment shared by many new moms – we feel ill-equipped for motherhood and [...]

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