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Keeping your baby healthy

I am often asked what my top tips are to keep babies and toddlers healthy through winter. It’s such a challenge because toddlers seem to share germs and when babies and toddlers are ill, sleep and eating are extremely challenging. Here are some ways you can help to keep your little one healthy: Don’t take your newborn to busy public places, although her immunity is still well supported by your antibodies, especially if you are breastfeeding, a newborn who gets sick will not feed well and this is very stressful [...]

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Managing a Fussy Baby

There are few challenges that can throw a new mom out more than colic and reflux. Having a fussy baby who simply won’t settle is very disconcerting. You will find yourself grappling for answers as you try to settle your little one. I believe that when it comes to colic and fussing, it’s worth trying an array of strategies to prevent colic and settle your baby – everything from chiropractic to lactase enzymes, from spacing feeds to frequent day sleeps can make a difference. When your baby is already crying, [...]

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Confident Parenting

I don’t know about you, but with my first baby, I was a bundle of nerves. I could hardly believe they let me out of the hospital with him! I was sure I would harm him and never be able to meet his nutritional needs. It was a journey to become a confident mom and there were many factors that helped me gain confidence so that I could meet James’ needs. I think that this is a sentiment shared by many new moms – we feel ill-equipped for motherhood and [...]

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Sleep Tips

Sleep deprivation is the ultimate form of torture and I am often asked for my Top Tips to get a baby to sleep through the night. Bearing in mind every baby and every mom is different, there is no one thing that works 100% of the time. But there are simple tips that can make all the difference: Bedtime routines A bedtime routine is incredibly important. It sets your little one up to fall asleep with greater ease which is essential to prevent habits from developing. It also can help [...]

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Baby Wearing

In the mid 1900’s a very clever campaign by pushchair companies somehow convinced us that the best way to transport our babies was in a pram or pushchair. The practicalities of prams, mean that our little ones are away from our bodies and away from our social contact too. As an OT, I firmly believe that the ancient art of baby wearing is a way better approach to transporting and caring for our babies. Here are a few good reasons why baby wearing is beneficial for our little ones. Being [...]

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Building Immunity

As we approach coughs and colds season, we turn our attention (as parents) to keeping our little ones healthy. We all know that a sick baby is a miserable little one – she will go off her food, become irritable and unmanageable and of course sleep goes out the window. It’s a very frustrating time for all. There are two principles for developing immunity that you should be conscious of: Managing germs Bacteria and viruses are the most common causes of illness and can be well managed by our own [...]

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Dad Sense

Its June and we are celebrating Dads! Our generation of new dads are fabulously involved fathers! There are so many benefits to having an involved Dad: Moms feel supported in what is truly one of the hardest life lesson journeys we embark on – parenthood Your baby benefits emotionally – little girls need to feel cherished – it builds them into strong women. Little boys learn to be powerful, caring men when this is modelled for them We also see less sibling rivalry when dads are involved with toddlers after [...]

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Calming your baby

A fussy baby who cries a lot each day, has to be one of the toughest challenges for new parents.  It leaves you feeling helpless when you can’t sooth your baby. I recommend that moms do the 7 S’s of Soothing: Sensory - Develop ‘sensory eyes’ to read what may be causing your baby to be over stimulated, such as a loud and busy room or the smell of strong perfume. Remove your baby from the stimulus or change to a more calming environment. Baby Sense is your key [...]

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Seven Soothing Secrets

If you are faced with a fractious little baby, you will find yourself grappling for reasons for the fussing and urgently seeking solutions to stop the crying. Colic and crying is very common in the early days and by 12 weeks most little ones have outgrown the stage and are more settled. But while it lasts, you may feel desperate to stop the crying! It’s important to remember that your little one has emerged from the ideal womb world and by replicating aspects of this soothing space, you will be [...]

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The best Bathtime Routine for your Baby

Is your baby waking at night and needing to be fed or soothed to sleep? Does your toddler wander down the passage after story time, needing another story or one more bottle? These issues are so common that they are almost within the norm for many parents. The good news is that while sleep is multi-faceted, it is often the smallest change that can make the biggest difference. “It has been documented widely the importance of bath time particularly evening bath time towards ensuring a goodnight sleep for baby. This [...]

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