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Toddler Mealtimes

Having a fussy eater is more common than you may think. While some toddlers eat almost anything they can get their little hands on, others are a lot pickier. Some fussy eaters are simply trying to express their independence with a say in what, when, where and how they eat. Others just need some coaxing, distraction and gentle encouragement. There is nothing like a food battle to cause stress and anxiety in parents but remember that fussy eating isn’t just common, it’s normal! If your family dinner table has become [...]

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Interpreting your baby’s signals

Babies have three very clear moods that no one needs any experience to recognize: crying, smiling and sleeping. But without language, how do babies communicate the more subtle states and moods and needs they have? Babies in fact have 6 states (Deep Sleep, Light Sleep, Drowsy, Calm Alert, Active Alert and Crying) and for each state is a set of signals that parents can recognize that will give clues as to their baby’s needs: Calm-Alert State –In this state, your baby is calm and wants to engage and learn from [...]

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Time for toilet training?

Potty Training is probably one of the more challenging aspects of parenting a toddler. Some toddlers simply fall into the task with ease but for many any number of things can go awry. This brings up many questions from parents: How do I know when the right time is to start encouraging potty training? Most toddlers are ready to be potty trained between 18 and 24 months of age. You can watch out for the following signs that your toddler is ready: Your toddler tells you when he is about [...]

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Returning to work

It’s the beginning of the year and so for many of us parents, its back to work. For some moms who have been on maternity leave, this may be the first time you are leaving your baby in the care of another person. Either way, returning to work does bring some stress and concerns about how your baby will survive without you. Choosing childcare The most important factor in choosing childcare is whether the person who will care for your baby will be a consistent, caring presence for your baby. [...]

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Where should my baby sleep?

There is no hard and fast rule as to the ‘right’ place for a baby to sleep. Two major things influence a parent’s decision of sleep space for their baby: What space is available – if you only have a one bedroom flat, then your baby will clearly be in your room and possibly in your bed. If you have a nursery for your baby, the choice may be to have him sleep there from day one. Both choices are completely fine. Parenting preference – Some moms would not consider [...]

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The great dummy conundrum

I am a big fan of dummies (pacifiers) – I think they are lifesavers in the early days, especially if your little one is fussy. But in the first two years of life, a dummy habit can become a problem. If you find you are held hostage by the dummy, are up all night to pop it in or can’t understand your toddler’s language, its time to take action: Waking regularly at night for the dummy to be put back in – This habit classically arises after 5 months of [...]

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Four baby personalities

As moms and dads we end up rating our ability as a parent based on our baby’s behavior, their feeding and their sleep patterns and until we have a second baby we don’t realize that whether a baby is a settled baby or a fractious baby has more to do with who he is than we realize. Let’s explore the four sensory personalities, how these affect sleep, development and mood and how your sensory personality fits with your babies. Social butterfly The social butterfly loves interacting with others and his [...]

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Sun care for your little ones

As the holidays draw to a close we may feel as though the summer fun is over, but in truth, the warmest days are still to come! We are into the hottest months of the year in South Africa and it is wonderful to lap up the fabulous weather with our babies and toddlers. There is nothing like a little body toddling around in nothing more than a nappy, embracing nature and the great outdoors. Sandpits, beaches and water play are a fabulous sensory experience for your little one. But [...]

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What you need to know about your baby’s health

The start of school or a change of seasons generally brings with it colds and flu. All children, babies and toddlers in particular, are more likely to suffer from common illnesses as they are developing immunity. Here is my "What you need to know" guide to managing common childhood illnesses: First and foremost its important to know that by far the majority of colds and all flu (influenza) are viral. This means that there really is no cure, as such, for colds and flu, so it’s a case of managing [...]

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My choice of baby gifts for Christmas

The festive season is so exciting on many levels but one of the best parts is watching your little one’s delight as he/she unwraps bright wrapping paper to reveal the perfect gift. The hard part is choosing what to give. Here is my list of the top toys for your little one this Christmas. Your newborn is working hard on honing her visual skills and starting to use her hands to grasp things. A brightly coloured toy that hangs over the changing mat is great for stimulating visual skills while [...]

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