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Four baby personalities

As moms and dads we end up rating our ability as a parent based on our baby’s behavior, their feeding and their sleep patterns and until we have a second baby we don’t realize that whether a baby is a settled baby or a fractious baby has more to do with who he is than we realize. Let’s explore the four sensory personalities, how these affect sleep, development and mood and how your sensory personality fits with your babies. Social butterfly The social butterfly loves interacting with others and his [...]

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Sun care for your little ones

As the holidays draw to a close we may feel as though the summer fun is over, but in truth, the warmest days are still to come! We are into the hottest months of the year in South Africa and it is wonderful to lap up the fabulous weather with our babies and toddlers. There is nothing like a little body toddling around in nothing more than a nappy, embracing nature and the great outdoors. Sandpits, beaches and water play are a fabulous sensory experience for your little one. But [...]

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What you need to know about your baby’s health

The start of school or a change of seasons generally brings with it colds and flu. All children, babies and toddlers in particular, are more likely to suffer from common illnesses as they are developing immunity. Here is my "What you need to know" guide to managing common childhood illnesses: First and foremost its important to know that by far the majority of colds and all flu (influenza) are viral. This means that there really is no cure, as such, for colds and flu, so it’s a case of managing [...]

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My choice of baby gifts for Christmas

The festive season is so exciting on many levels but one of the best parts is watching your little one’s delight as he/she unwraps bright wrapping paper to reveal the perfect gift. The hard part is choosing what to give. Here is my list of the top toys for your little one this Christmas. Your newborn is working hard on honing her visual skills and starting to use her hands to grasp things. A brightly coloured toy that hangs over the changing mat is great for stimulating visual skills while [...]

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Preparing for the holidays

The festive season is upon us and for many of us that means a break away or at least time when we take leave and can be with our babies full time or have dad home too. There are five challenge points that often arise for parents of new babies and toddlers: how to keep a routine when things get spontaneous and fun; how to pack for outings and holiday; what outings to choose; how to travel with a toddler and how to sustain energy with the demands of the [...]

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Fisher-Price Power of Play for whole Child Development

Play is the most powerful catalyst of whole child development. In fact, it’s so effective at achieving goals that it has become known as a “child’s work”. When your little one plays, he is literally at work – bedding down every imaginable skill. When we talk about play affecting the whole child,  it is important to see how play actually affects each aspect of a child’s development: Motor skills – the human baby starts life with poor control over his body – at the mercy of gravity. Over the course [...]

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Crying – Preventing and Managing Colic

There are few things in life as hard as trying to sooth a colicky baby. Babies are labeled as having colic if they cry extensively – more than three hours a day in the first three months of life. Colic (meaning abdominal discomfort) is in fact a misnomer as only 5% of babies have digestive problems. This means that changing feeding methods, cutting out ‘gas producing’ foods and giving your baby medicine for ‘reflux’ is in all likelihood not going to make the difference (unless your baby is one of [...]

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Caring for your Prem Baby

If your baby is born before 37 completed weeks of pregnancy, he is considered a prem baby. Since the womb is a perfect sensory world for your baby’s development we need to think about how our sensory world affects babies if they do not have the benefit of the full 40- weeks of pregnancy. We call this sensory developmental care – sensory care that protects your baby’s development and is more similar to what the experiences would have been like in the womb. When can you start If your baby [...]

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Fisher-Price, Power of Play for Emotional Intelligence

A critical aspect of development is the emergence of emotional intelligence. A child with a high EQ can identify and communicate his own feelings, recognise the feelings of others and adjust his behaviour to another person to ensure that they feel comfortable and understood. EQ allows your child to connect with others and collaborate – this in turn results in successful relationships. Since relationships are key to happiness at work and in all areas of life, it stands to reason that parents ought to be encouraging the development of emotional [...]

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Awake Times – the Secret to Settled Day Sleep

The Awake Times theory is one of the cornerstones of the Baby Sense book and from the outset was one of the unique aspects of the Baby Sense Way. Why does it work? We all have optimal times that we can be awake before becoming drowsy and falling asleep with ease. These are called our circadiuam rhythms. As an adult your time is 6 hours and thereafter you would happily grab a siesta, if you had the time and space to do so. Babies and toddlers have narrow awake times [...]

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